15,000 Bitcoin moved from an inactive unknown wallet with OP-Returns to buy and sell BTC

  • 18 July 2019, Thursday, 14:40

The price of Bitcoin fell by almost 12% following deliberations in the House of Representatives. Generally, such a fall is preceded by a pump. This time however, it was followed by a large movement of BTC between two unknown accounts.

On July 17, 15,000 Bitcoins were moved from an unknown wallet to an unknown wallet, and not much can be said about these wallets. The sender’s address was noted to be 1DWsHCjeekCe3tRzMuJktHhFrtLQDeodcP, while the receiver’s address was 1CeHhhiXu7fod3U57ZMXWRpubnnJDZof3f. The hash rate of the entire transaction was bfbb1efe5de3d2dab99b7edcaf4b77404bd9ae7558da5cceb82024722c1856d6. Below are the transaction details,

While looking further into the wallets, it was found that only 12 transactions had taken place from the sender’s wallet, with one large transaction where the sender’s wallet received almost 15k BTC from another wallet on September 13, 2018. Following the same, the wallet carried out 10 small transactions, apart from the one that took place on July 17. The present balance of the sender stands at 0.00033925 BTC.

There were OP-Returns found, advising people to buy and sell Bitcoins [BTC].

The receiver’s wallet had only two transactions in total; the first one was the receipt of 15k BTC, while the second one was where the wallet received 0.0001012 BTC. The balance of the wallet stands at 14,999.99945956 BTC, at press time.

Even though this transaction could be between any two persons or exchanges, the community was taken aback by it and speculate the price of Bitcoin will soon go up. However, the movement did not impact the price of the coin much. On the contrary, it has fallen under $10k and was being traded at $9,821.45, at press time.

Source: ambcrypto.com