AI Crypto Coin Cogwise Allows Users to Easily Create Their Own Tokens and dApps, and Offers 116% Presale Upside

AI Crypto Coin Cogwise Allows Users to Easily Create Their Own Tokens and dApps, and Offers 116% Presale Upside

New crypto presale project Cogwise will utilize artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to allow users to easily generate their new tokens, access advanced trading tools, and develop decentralized apps.

The project, which recently smashed past the $1 million barrier, is enjoying a hugely successful presale having launched six weeks ago.

As well as its huge range of features, tools, and insights – which require holding the native utility token $COGW – the project is also offering an immediate upside of 116% during its presale.

$COGW tokens are currently priced at $0.03 during stage 3 of the presale, but are set to increase by 116% to $0.065 by the final stage before listing.

Unlimited Solutions for Crypto Users

Cogwise uses its high-powered CogwiseAI Core and blockchain technology to offer a wide variety of solutions for crypto users – whether they are investors, traders, or developers.

Its generative chatbot uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide clear and concise replies and actions to text-based prompts from users. Some of its many abilities include providing news and data on trending tokens, AI-assisted trading strategies, a smart contract generator, and a virtual operating system to help develop dApps.

Read through the Cogwise whitepaper for full information on the project.


As well as owning a high-potential token, which offers an immediate 116% upside through its presale, holding $COGW enables users to access a wide range of other features, tools, and rewards systems.

The token, which is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum, can be staked to offer an annual percentage yield while there are also further incentives to hold the token with its rewards and gamification system where holders can earn more tokens via bringing referrals, seasonal promotions, and completing challenges and tasks.

Cogwise has a token burn that should help boost the value of $COGW over time, with fees and profits generated subject to a 35% burn with 65% reinvested back into the ecosystem.

As well as staking, there is also the option to farm tokens and provide liquidity to the ecosystem and exchanges with rewards returned based on the amount of tokens deposited and the time they are locked inside.


Cogwise offers a wide range of advanced custom trading tools and a full suite to help day traders maximize their profit-making potential, with artificial intelligence also providing automated features to help traders.

That includes being able to automate certain trading strategies or moves at all times, with market scanners also instantly identifying opportunities and ranking them based on their potential for profitable trades.

The Cogwise AI can detect chart patters and analyze historical data, as well as track any wallet, including whales, to monitor their activity and instantly execute trades on a traders behalf, or send a notification to copy a trade.

There is also a news aggregator that uses AI and machine learning to detect relevant news articles and social media posts, even predicting how news events could affect specific stocks or cryptos.


Cogwise has its own smart contract generator, contract auditor, and virtual machine to help developers build and/or improve their own projects and protocols.

Even those without any previous coding experience can create smart contracts, with the generator completely simplifying the process and allowing users to input, describe, and fine-tune their desired features.

A key advantage of the smart contract generator is that it is up-to-date with the latest guidelines, Solidity pragma versions, and security vulnerabilities to be compliant and secure.

Developers – as well as investors – can also utilize its contract auditor to run new and existing smart contracts through it and get a report that highlights any issues, as well as offer suggestions on how to improve it.

There is also a Virtual Operating System, a next-generation virtual machine that offers EVM compatibility and AI inference to enable the development or improvement of decentralized apps (dApps).

$COGW to Increase 116%

As outlined above, the $COGW token presale is now in stage 3 of its presale with tokens available for $0.03 each. More than $1 million has been raised, with the token to increase in price by the final stage before it is listed on exchanges.

The final presale stage, stage 7, will offer tokens for $0.05 before the IEO lists them for $0.065.

Tokens were initially priced at $0.01 during the seed round, where 15 million tokens were sold, before steadily increasing in price and allocation – the current round is offering 50 million tokens, while stage 7 will allocate 75 million tokens.

There is a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with 40% (400 million) sold during the presale, 15% to development, 12% for liquidity, 10% to the team, 9% to staking, 7% to marketing, 4% to rewards, and 3% for the company reserve.

For more information on Cogwise and the latest news on the project, join the official Telegram group.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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