Best Crypto to Buy Now November 9 – Kaspa, Illuvium, Mina Protocol

Best Crypto to Buy Now November 9 – Kaspa, Illuvium, Mina Protocol

With the Kaspa price hitting another all-time high earlier today, Kaspa (KAS), along with Illuvium (ILV), Mina Protocol (MINA), Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF), and Meme Kombat (MK) are currently among the top picks as the best crypto to buy now.

These cryptocurrencies are exhibiting significant developments and impressive market movements for the past few days.

Best Crypto to Buy on The News

Kaspa continued its impressive run today, setting a new all-time high price of $0.092727. It is currently trading around $0.087400, representing additional gains of 12.15% so far today.

KAS is experiencing a substantial price surge, with a notable 66% increase over the past week and an impressive 88% surge over the last month.

A notable catalyst was its recent listing on the major exchange Poloniex, which ignited a near 70% rally that lifted the coin to its current level.

However, technical analysis indicates Kaspa has reached an overbought territory, suggesting a possible correction shortly.

The blockchain-based gaming platform Illuvium (ILV) witnessed an 18% price increase in its closing price yesterday following a major announcement.

???? Major Announcement, Rangers! ????

Mark your calendars for November 28th! The moment you've all been waiting for is here! Illuvium Beta 3: PVP is coming, and that's not all—we’re live on the @EpicGames Store! While you can’t download it just yet, add it to your wishlist and…

— Illuvium (@illuviumio) November 8, 2023

The significant catalyst for this surge is the upcoming debut of Illuvium on the Epic Games Store, scheduled for November 28.

This listing is considered a significant expansion since it will make the game accessible to a platform with a user base of over 230 million.

The move is anticipated to enhance the visibility and adoption of blockchain-based gaming by exposing it to millions of PC and mobile gamers.

The price of Mina Protocol’s MINA token went up roughly 108% higher on October 24 to $0.9648, after being listed on the major Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit.

But this rally was short-lived, with MINA plunging over 40% to around $0.56 over the following days as investors took profits.

The token has since bounced back roughly 15% from its swing low to the current level of $0.6522.

The protocol has also been focusing on community growth, launching a 6 million MINA grant program for developers and hosting a developer meetup in Istanbul on November 13.

These events underline the multiple factors that potential investors should consider when examining MINA’s market performance.

Two projects in the crypto presales arena, Bitcoin ETF Token, and Meme Kombat, are also receiving attention for their potential as Bitcoin alternatives.

While still in their early stages, these projects are being closely watched for their potential impact on the cryptocurrency market.

The Kaspa price surge, along with the promising developments in Illuvium, Mina Protocol, Bitcoin ETF Token, and Meme Kombat, position them as some of the best crypto to buy now.

Kaspa (KAS) Price Continues to Soar with Strong Trading Volume and Market Cap

The Kaspa (KAS) price continues its strong uptrend with no signs of slowing down.

After closing yesterday’s trading session up 14.60%, the KAS price is extending its gains today, currently up 12.15% and setting a new all-time high of $0.092727 earlier today.

The technical indicators paint a very bullish picture for Kaspa in the immediate future. The 20-day EMA sits at $0.059737 while the 50-day EMA stands slightly lower at $0.052384.

With the faster-moving short-term EMA well above the longer-term EMA, this shows strong positive momentum behind the KAS price.

The RSI indicator hit 89.02, up from 85.80 yesterday. This shows Kaspa is heavily overbought, but still has room to run before hitting the 90+ extreme overbought territory.

The MACD histogram increased to 0.003373 from 0.002434, highlighting accelerating bullish momentum.

Kaspa’s market cap expanded 19.29% to $1.88 billion as the 24-hour trading volume surged 150.20% to $154.6 million.

The spike in volume underscores traders’ growing interest in KAS as it continues notching new highs.

With the KAS price in price discovery mode, potential upside targets are the extended Fib 1.236 and 1.382 of $0.103011 and $0.109373.

On any pullbacks, the KAS price may find support around the Fib 0.786 level at $0.083402, followed by the Fib 0.618 level of $0.076081.

Overall, Kaspa remains in a very strong uptrend with technicals still supportive of additional gains.

Traders should look to buy on dips given the bullish backdrop, keeping tight stop losses in case the rally stalls.

Upside targets remain open-ended given the parabolic price action.

Illuvium ILV Price Prediction: Bulls in Control, Upside Targets Await

Illuvium (ILV) has been one of the hottest cryptocurrencies over the past month, with the ILV price still up over 127% during that timespan.

With prices consolidating beneath key resistance, ILV appears to be gathering steam for its next leg higher.

From a technical perspective, the 20-day EMA for the ILV price now stands at $58.17, crossing above the 50-day EMA at $49.74.

This golden cross pattern is viewed as a bullish signal by technicians, showing the short-term trend overtaking the medium-term trend.

Additionally, the RSI is currently reading 90.27, up from 86.82 yesterday and well into overbought territory.

While this hints that ILV may be due for a pullback, RSI can remain overheated during strong uptrends.

ILV faces immediate resistance at $86.84 to $89.10. A decisive break above this area could set the stage for an assault on all-time highs around $107.59.

On pullbacks, initial support rests at $71.74 to $74.28. Absent a break below here, the existing uptrend remains firmly intact.

With ILV maintaining its bullish technical posture, traders should remain nimble but avoid prematurely anticipating a top.

The parabolic move still shows few signs of letting up. Upside targets will come into focus on a resistance breakout.

MINA Price Volatility: Awaiting Breakout from Key Resistance

Despite a strong start to the day, MINA’s upward momentum was curbed at a key resistance level, and it is now trading at $0.6522, representing a modest gain of 3.03%.

Technical analysis of the MINA price reveals that the 20-day EMA ($0.5777) is positioned above the 50-day ($0.5036) and 100-day ($0.4740) EMAs.

Such an arrangement typically suggests a bullish trend; however, the true strength of the trend is questionable without further confirmatory signals.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for MINA, at 66.60, has risen slightly from the previous day’s 64.65.

This movement places the RSI in the upper region of the neutral zone, edging closer to overbought territory but still offering room for potential price appreciation.

A shift in the MACD histogram to -0.0026 from -0.0041 indicates a reduction in bearish momentum, but the negative value signals that caution is still warranted.

The decrease in negative momentum may not be substantial enough to confirm a trend reversal.

With the MINA price currently trading below its immediate resistance zone of $0.6905 to $0.7298—a range aligning with the Fibonacci 0.382 level—investors are watching for a potential breakout.

Earlier attempts to breach this level led to selling pressure, suggesting that the resistance is formidable.

Support levels, meanwhile, are established between $0.5842 and $0.5968. Should the MINA price retreat from its current position, this support zone will be critical in preventing further declines.

For traders, the current technical setup of the MINA price dictates a cautious approach.

While the leading indicators suggest a bullish undertone, the resistance encountered at higher levels implies that MINA’s price may consolidate further before a definitive move can be established.

The market’s next direction will likely be determined by MINA’s ability to sustain above its immediate support or to convincingly break through its current resistance.

While technical analysis helps inform decisions on established cryptos like KAS, ILV, and MINA, presales of emerging cryptocurrency projects are also attracting investor attention.

These presale opportunities enable purchasing tokens early before public listings.

Exploring Early-Stage Crypto Projects as Bitcoin Alternatives

Alongside Bitcoin, investors are also examining other cryptocurrencies as potential alternatives to Bitcoin to diversify their portfolios.

One option is participating in crypto presales to gain early exposure to new projects.

Presales allow buyers to purchase tokens before a cryptocurrency’s public launch, often at discounted rates compared to their eventual public listing price.

While risky, presales provide a chance to get in early on new cryptocurrency projects that could gain traction after launching.

Two presale projects that have been receiving attention as potential bitcoin alternatives are Bitcoin ETF Token and Meme Kombat.

Bitcoin ETF Token Is the Best Crypto to Buy Now as Traders Bet on SEC Bitcoin ETF Green Light

The long and winding road to a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) now has a new twist – a token designed to track the ETF approval process.

Called Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF), the recently launched token seeks to let cryptocurrency enthusiasts capitalize on the SEC’s upcoming decision on a spot bitcoin ETF.

The SEC has rejected over a dozen bitcoin ETF proposals so far, but many investors remain confident approval is inevitable. BTCETF gives these investors a way to potentially profit from the approval milestones ahead.

Witnessing #BitcoinETF, the groundbreaking initiative ready to transform the #Crypto sphere with its forward-thinking approach toward upcoming #Bitcoin ETFs.

Experience the unique mechanisms and tactics that distinguish #BTCETF in the realm of virtual assets.

— BTCETF_Token (@BTCETF_Token) November 9, 2023

Built on Ethereum, BTCETF started its presale on November 6, offering early participants discounted token prices beginning at $0.005. Prices will reach $0.0068 per BTCETF by the final stage.

To boost value, BTCETF uses deflationary tactics like a 5% transaction tax that decreases with each bitcoin ETF milestone achieved, as well as plans to burn 25% of the total token supply in stages.

The project has allocated 25% of the supply for staking rewards, with over 22.6 million tokens already staked since the presale launch and an initial APY of 1269% as of writing.

The presale has a hard cap target of nearly $5 million before listing on prominent crypto exchanges, expected in 2023.

Bitcoin’s market performance, regulatory developments, and broader economic factors will all impact BTCETF’s price trajectory.

The built-in scarcity and staking rewards make it an interesting way to bet on the Bitcoin ETF approval saga as it continues to unfold.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts closely following the ETF drama, Bitcoin ETF Token offers a new path to potentially profit from the impending decision.

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Battle It Out With Meme Kombat’s Play-To-Earn Platform – Is It the Best Crypto to Buy Now?

Attention is growing around Meme Kombat, a new meme-inspired decentralized gaming platform.

By blending memes with play-to-earn gaming, it offers a virtual arena for battles between meme coin avatars.

The project taps into significant interest in memes and blockchain gaming.

The $MK presale price is now at $0.189!

LFG memers????

— Meme Kombat (@Meme_Kombat) November 9, 2023

The public presale for Meme Kombat’s $MK token has attracted significant attention from investors, raising more than $1.3 million as of writing.

The developers have set an ambitious goal of raising $10 million by the conclusion of the presale.

At the core of Meme Kombat is its battle arena, planned for launch shortly after the presale concludes.

Players can use $MK tokens to purchase avatars of popular meme coins and challenge opponents in player-versus-player duels.

According to the project’s whitepaper, the battles will utilize artificial intelligence to keep the action dynamic and unpredictable. Players can also wager $MK on match outcomes.

In addition to the arena, Meme Kombat will incorporate staking rewards to encourage long-term holding.

Presale participants will receive automatic staking during the presale period. However, tokens must be re-staked after launch to maintain the project’s high APY.

The total supply is fixed at 120 million $MK, with 50% allocated to presale buyers. The token is currently priced at $0.189 and will rise to $0.205 in a week.

Meme Kombat intends to be community-driven, with 100% of tokens distributed publicly.

Meme Kombat’s unique combination of gaming and staking rewards could tap into significant demand as meme tokens continue to attract interest in the crypto sector.

With presale momentum accelerating, the upcoming launch of its arena positions this meme coin as one of the best crypto to buy now.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital

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