Binance Academy and Blockchain Center To Expand World’s Largest Crypto Education Program

Binance Academy and Blockchain Center To Expand World’s Largest Crypto Education Program

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The organizations have teamed up to educate 1 million students on Web3 technology by 2026. More than 200 universities in over 50 countries will feature in the landmark crypto education program.

Binance Academy, the blockchain learning hub created by Binance, and Blockchain Center, the non-profit focused on research and education, are expanding the world’s largest Web3 learning program. The Global University Outreach Program combines the efforts of both organizations in a bid to foster a generation of blockchain-savvy students possessed with the tech knowledge to thrive.

The global expansion follows a successful pilot at Kazakhstan universities that saw 22 domestic universities teach blockchain fundamentals with teaching materials supplied by Blockchain Center and Binance Academy. More than 4,000 Kazakhstan students commenced blockchain studies this year following an initial training  course for 300 educators. The program will expand to over 200 universities across more than 50 countries.

The curriculum for The Global University Outreach Program encompasses a broad range of Web3 topics with a particular focus on blockchain engineering and compliance. Through its collaboration with Binance Academy, Blockchain Center will aim to provide specialized training to over 1,000 university educators. The ambitious educational initiative will instill knowledge that will give students an opportunity to seek out a career in the blockchain industry. It will also furnish them with the skills to attain personal success within the crypto space.

The two primary components of The Global University Outreach Program are Blockchain Engineering and Blockchain Compliance. The former will grant students a deep working knowledge of crypto protocols, giving them practical skills to pursue a career in blockchain engineering. The 20-week course will cover such topics as Solidity, Web3, and BNB Chain fundamentals.

Blockchain Compliance, meanwhile, will educate students on the intersection of crypto and traditional finance, and the regulatory requirements and legal obligations this entails. Over 13 weeks, pupils will gain an insight into the relationship between digital assets and fiscal policy as it pertains to key crypto jurisdictions.

Yi He, co-founder of Binance, said: “In the rapidly changing world of digital finance, blockchain education is a key pillar for driving transformation. Through this educational initiative, Binance Academy and Blockchain Center will cultivate a new generation of skillful talents poised to propel our industry forward and ignite innovation. Let's keep building.”

Aidana Kaskyrbek, CEO and founder of the Blockchain Center added: “Blockchain Center's goal is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by stimulating the growth of the human capital in the industry. We are proud of our groundbreaking educational initiative, which will significantly enhance talent development in the industry. The project offers a robust platform for aspiring professionals to explore, experiment, and innovate new solutions in the field.”

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