Binance’s CZ talks about the selection process for supporting coins on exchange

  • 10 September 2019, Tuesday, 00:00

Under the leadership of Changpeng Zhao, Binance has established its name within the community through trust and collaboration right after the crash of the dominant crypto market back in 2017. In a recent interview, Zhao explained how the 2019 market has witnessed a sudden shift in terms of “real project development.” He said,

“Now we’re seeing real projects developing. So hopefully, in the next couple of years, we’re going to see a lot more real applications that people can use in blockchain technology or cryptocurrency.”

Binance exchange has also pioneered in serving as trading and airdrop platforms for numerous altcoins. Talking about the selection process in this regard, Zhao mentioned that the number one factor Binance considers is the number of users. Moreover, when asked about the possibility of including Facebook’s Libra token, Zhao suggested,

“So if you have a project that can attract high number of users, then most likely we will support you. So most likely we will be supportive (toward Libra).”

Staying ahead of the innovation curve, the crypto exchange also launched Binance Futures, which is currently available through invites only. Binance has also released API updates that enable a “real-time tick-by-tick updates for all symbols.”