Bitcoin Cash’s bull market will be a side effect of increased adoption, claims Roger Ver

  • 30 June 2019, Sunday, 18:00

Bitcoin Cash promoter Roger Ver realized fiat currency’s limitations during his earliest business ventures. In a recent conversation with budding interviewer Jouell Wright, Ver stated that

“When Bitcoin came along, it solved all of those online payment problems. It was this amazing science fiction money that I had read about in science fiction books as a kid.”

While Ver compared Bitcoin to science fiction, he clarified his impartiality toward promoting BCH by comparing it to BTC. He said,

“It (Bitcoin Cash) offers fast, cheap, reliable, and private payments for people. And sadly, the BTC chain doesn’t do that as well as BCH does today. But I’m a fan of anything that works.”

That said, Ver also disclosed his recent partnerships with various mining companies across the globe, hinting at spreading BCH adoption. Additionally, the company also recently launched, allowing users to buy and sell BCH without KYC obligations, which currently sports over 25,000 registered users with trading value reaching millions within a week from its launch.

He confirmed that most of these ventures are at aimed at increasing BCH adoption, with very little focus on increasing its trading value. In what seems like a growing trend, competing entrepreneurs such as Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson have also previously shared a similar vision to improve their existing ecosystem and adoption rate. He concluded the topic by revealing,

“If we can drive mass adoption where people are using BCH to buy their daily coffee, the price is going to skyrocket because of it. But the price skyrocketing is a side effect of the adoption in commerce.”