Bitcoin is the ‘returns king;’ payoff beats the likes of Nike, Walmart, and Coca Cola

  • 19 July 2019, Friday, 15:40

Bitcoin is lauded by many of its supporters for being an asset that provides a lot of returns, without much fanfare. This has been a key selling point for many of the investors in the space, new and old, who have claimed Bitcoin’s return on investment surpasses even mainstream stocks.

A recent analysis pitted Bitcoin against world-famous IPOs and compared the returns to see which entity provided more monetary benefits to its users. The world’s largest cryptocurrency was compared to the Initial Public Offerings [IPO] of behemoths like Nike, Walmart, and Coca Cola, and it was discovered that BTC trumped them all.

An initial investment of $100 in Bitcoin back in 2009 would have yielded a return of $7.19 million to its holder. This revelation comes at a time when the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has been discussed on the floor of the United States Congress. At press time, Bitcoin was trading at $10,623, with a total market cap of $189.36 billion. Despite the market cap falling below the $200 billion mark, the 24-hour market volume was a respectable $24.98 billion.

At the same time, if an investor had invested $100 in Nike during its 1980 IPO, then the return would have been clocked at $6.07 million. This is significant, but still lower than the returns offered by Bitcoin. A single Nike stock on the New York Stock Exchange is currently worth $87.44, after a fall of 0.068 percent over the last 24 hours.

The third best asset for returns was retail giant, Walmart, a leader on the NYSE front, but an asset that still fell short of Bitcoin’s returns. An investment of a hundred dollars in Walmart during its 1969 IPO would have earned a return of $1.24 million. Walmart stocks at the moment are one of the few options on the NYSE that are in the green, trading at $114.72 per stock.

Bitcoin returns also beat those of Coca Cola’s, which would have yielded benefits just upwards of $1 million, if an investor had pitched in $100 in 1919. Bitcoin returns also took the cake when compared to the yields recorded by other assets like the S&P 500 and the oil industry.