Bitcoin mining pool, Antpool miner, produces an invalid Bitcoin block corroborated by 8 nodes

  • 11 July 2019, Thursday, 15:40

Bitcoin block at height 584,802 was an invalid block due to a discrepancy in coinbase reward value. The invalid block was confirmed by 8 other nodes at

BitMEX research tweeted:

Bitcoin had an invalid block at height 584,802, as spotted by @juscamarena

All 8 nodes at identified the block as invalid:

Bitcoin Core 0.18.0Bitcoin Core 0.17.1Bitcoin Core 0.16.2Bitcoin Core 0.10.3bcoinBitcoin Knots 0.14.2btcdLibbitcoin

— BitMEX Research (@BitMEXResearch) July 10, 2019

BitMEX also confirmed that this invalid block was mined by Antpool, a mining pool for famous PoW cryptocurrencies and the invalid block was mined “because this included the transaction fees, but due to some error the transactions themselves were not included”.

Eventually the winning block at height 584,802 was mined again by Antpool with the block reward going to the same address as the coinbase in the invalid block: 1Nh7uHdvY6fNwtQtM1G5EZAFPLC33B59rB.

BitMEX research also added:

“The timestamp of the invalid block was 14:35:27 UTC, 21 seconds after the previous block. This appears to have coincided with a drop in the Bitcoin price, however this is probably only a coincidence. (The blue line in the below image represents the timing of the invalid block)””

The price of Bitcoin, as stated by BitMEX seemed to drop after the mining of the invalid block from $12,800 to $12,200 and lower.

A Twitter user @geckozoo, commented:

“So it turns out the #Bitcoin protocol works as intended. If that’s not good news… ????”

Another user @symphonytrader, commented:

“Yup I totally know what block that is and what all that means and how it was done. Damn bitcoin forgers.”

In addition to the above, Craig Wright’s Bitcoin SV also faced a 2 block reorganization causing 62.6MB to be lost when the network converged again at block height 590,482. BitMEX research tweeted:

“Our Bitcoin SV node experienced a 2 block chain re-organisation today, at around 4am UTC One of the orphaned blocks was around 62.6MB in size, which may have caused the issue”