Bitcoin slips by 4.89% in an hour; Litecoin and Ethereum go down the slippery slope

  • 14 July 2019, Sunday, 09:10

A bleeding market was seen when Bitcoin suddenly fell by 4.89% in an hour, immediately pursued by the altcoins. Ethereum and Litecoin were the major coins that faced the falling king coin’s brunt.

After noting a fall of 4.89% in an hour, the king coin was valued at $10,785.55 with a market cap of $192.17 billion. Despite being highly traded with BTC/USDT pair, the 24-hour trading volume was reported to be $20.91 billion while reporting a fall of 5.60% in a day. The top exchanges that reported the highest trading volume with BTC/USDT pairs were Bitx-Z with $85o million, CoinBene with $719 million, and lastly, Binance with $663 million.

Ethereum fell by 11.58% in an hour. The value of the coin was brought down to $267.76 with a market cap of $26.26 billion. It reported the 24-hour trading volume of $6.90 billion, despite falling over 8% in a day. The crypto was highly traded on CoinEgg via LTC/ETH pair that reported a volume of $358 million.

BitMart took the second and the third spot for Ethereum trading via ETH/USDT pair and ETH/BTC pair that reported a trading volume of $226 million and $205 million, respectively.

LTC fell by 6.83% and was valued at $93.93. The market cap of the coin was $5.885 billion and the 24-hour trading volume was $3.29 billion. The coin has been undergoing ups and down due to volatility and reported a fall of over 7% in a day. It reported a high trading volume on CoinEgg with LTC/USDT, LTC/ETH, and LTC/BTC pairs. The LTC/USDT pair reported $374 million in trading volume, followed by LTC/ETH pair noting $358 million, while LTC/BTC pair reported a trading volume of $292 million.