Bitcoin worth over $14 million transferred from Coinbase to unknown wallet in different transactions

  • 19 August 2019, Monday, 09:40

With the recent spike in Bitcoin, whales came out of from slumber to trade. Whale Alert, one of the leading crypto transaction trackers, shared the news of the transfer of BTC on Twitter,

“500 #BTC [5,354,800 USD] transferred from #Coinbase to unknown wallet.”

The transaction took place in 11 confirmations between wallet address 39iNxpjCoUDRyttKhnEvrjmTUErGV3PGFd and 17RWacAg9h8UyZdWnJA28Z7AKW89JjVmDu, with a timestamp of 09:35:06 UTC, 19 August 2019. This transaction was carried out over Bitcoin blockchain for a transaction fee of 0.00047294 BTC. The block height of the transaction was #590779 and it was deemed a successful one. Also, the hash for the transaction was 9f4a313c307d77f7827661deaa59fc12fbd7bc3fba1516053191186cd7fda012.

Earlier, Whale Alert also posted about another transfer of 929 BTC on Twitter,

“929 #BTC [9,909,082 USD] transferred from #Coinbase to unknown wallet.“

The transaction was carried out between Coinbase’s multiple wallet addresses and wallet address 36DQqc3ct7NqjN9oP8gPNmHdBpih3Qt45Y. Additionally, the hash for the transaction was 61fe6f17e7c77751e3bd8bf8e318e5534827877e929e797c3cf85d243bda7fbb. Additionally, a transaction fee of 0.00733711 BTC was levied for this transaction, while the block height was #590778.