BitTorrent Speed will refine control features, promises Tron CEO Justin Sun

  • 09 July 2019, Tuesday, 12:30

Justin Sun, CEO of Tron Foundation, maintained his position at the epicenter of public attention by officially announcing major reforms to BitTorrent Speed. Sun is already active over social networking platforms and he was in the limelight yet again by appearing with SVP of Product Management, Justin Knoll, over BitTorrent’s YouTube during the AMA session. During the same, the CEO finally disclosed the core characteristics of the project.

There are three major aspects of the project namely, the improvement of earning matrix, control features and recovery option. Sun revealed that the project intends to integrate with ERC-20 tokens, along with achieving the milestone of joining other blockchains in the offing.

After its inception, users will have the authority to toggle between various blocks with the slider option that are present over the native wallet user interface. Also, users will receive the permit for viewing their earnings made from seeding torrents in the road ahead.

The AMA session maintained its pace as Knoll went along and cleared the doubts raised by the crypto-community. He stated that users will get increasing levels of Torrent download speed, in response to a query raised by a crypto-enthusiast. He also enlightened users with the possibility of stocking their empty wallets.

For this, the users will get the option of refilling their native wallets either by using digital coins from other wallets over built-in exchanges or, by seeding BitTorrent [BTT] for a longer period of time. It should be noted that all maiden users will get 10 BTTs as a reward, for starting the seeding process.

Knoll also clarified the project’s future objectives regarding its fusion with other digital assets. Tron’s team added a notable feature through which the decentralized network will work in-tandem to deliver quicker speeds for users. Although, this upgrade is currently available only for Windows users, the team aims to revamp it for serving third party clients, Mac users and smartphone users.