Brave browser introduces BAT tipping feature for Twitter users

  • 02 August 2019, Friday, 08:50

Brave, a free and open-source browser based on Chromium, has launched tipping services for Twitter users with its desktop browser release. Now, users can reward engaging content creators with the decentralized browser’s native token, Basic Attention Token [BAT].

The feature aims to support good content creation and encourage private browsing. This new feature took much of the crypto-community by storm, as it empowered content creators by reducing their reliance on ad revenues. Users of Brave browser and Brave rewards will be able to earn rewards while browsing, while also supporting content creators. Brave had begun testing this testing feature back in May.

The launch of the feature was shared by Brave Browser’s official Twitter handle,

“New desktop browser release today [67.123] with Twitter tipping! Brave users can enable Brave Rewards and click the “tip” button on each tweet to send @AttentionToken directly to the author of the tweet for an amount of their choosing. #TipWithBrave.”

The open-source web browser also shared that it will distribute 100,000 BAT grants across regions where Brave ads are not available. Each grant is equivalent to $1 and users can accept grants by simply clicking the accept button.

The tipping feature was well-received by many in the crypto-community, with major influencers such as @MyCrypto sharing,

“YAY: @Brave has launched @Twitter tips! Just update Brave to 0.67 and a new “Tip” button will appear on tweets! [Feel free to test it by tipping this tweet with some @AttentionToken] #TipWithBrave #BraveRewards“

Brave has also enabled regular tipping, with an option that allows a Twitter user to tip a content creator on a monthly basis.

Brave Rewards tipping has already been enabled for YouTube creators and Twitch streamers, currently boasting over 60,000 verified creators on Brave Rewards. According to the press release, Brave will soon be enabling support options for other websites such as Reddit, Vimeo and GitHub soon.