Breaking Through Barriers With Ethereum and Bitcoin Spark

Breaking Through Barriers With Ethereum and Bitcoin Spark

Ethereum and Bitcoin Spark are at the forefront as projects break through limitations to foster the growth of Web3. These two networks provide platforms for growth by going beyond just offering a digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services, as well as an investment vehicle that stores value and hedges against inflation.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum was birthed in 2015 by well-known computer scientists and blockchain developers who attempted to go beyond offering a decentralized digital currency. The platform has grown significantly to become the second-largest crypto platform by market capitalization. Ethereum is an open-source proof-of-stake network that deploys smart contracts and decentralized applications while minimizing risks associated with fraud, downtime, centralization, or interference from third parties. 

Is Ethereum a good investment?

The Ethereum ecosystem is powered by ETH, which offers a wide range of cryptographic utilities. ETH is actively traded on crypto exchanges for spot and futures traders. The crypto asset is also held for capital gains by investors and can be used to purchase goods and services. ETH is also used as gas fees on the Ethereum mainnet when network participants transfer crypto assets on the network. 

All these utilities put the project a step forward towards mainstream adoption, and investors, alongside crypto experts, believe the project is sustainable for future growth. However, Bitcoin Spark is a better investment than Ethereum. Here is why.

Bitcoin Spark vs. Ethereum: Which is a better investment?

Ethereum has the potential to skyrocket during the incoming bull market. However, great profits and capital gains are hidden in this new Bitcoin fork project called Bitcoin Spark. Ethereum has a large market capitalization, peaking at $55 billion in the last bull market. This means that for ETH to gain a 2X return from its price at the time, which was $4,891, the platform’s market cap has to double as well (assuming the supply of ETH remained constant). 

However, what about a 357% gain in a few weeks? This is what Bitcoin Spark is offering new investors who buy BTCS tokens in the current presale phase 7, where each BTCS token retails at $3. The massive 300+ gains will come true when the project goes live on the mainnet shortly after the ICO event sells out. The ongoing phase 7 also includes perks for all participants. As a token of appreciation for early adopters, the Bitcoin Spark team has set mechanisms to automatically award a 7% bonus to all orders executed before phase 7 ends.

After launch, many start-up projects fail to manage price fluctuations, leading to massive sell-offs and investor sentiment dying out. Alongside an effective marketing plan called innovative marketing that will continue to create brand awareness, the Bitcoin Spark team has set a price stability mechanism in place. 

Wallets that receive BTCS tokens directly from the ICO deployer address will automatically be eligible for a two-fold mining rate that will continue to benefit BTCS holders for two years, allowing them to accumulate thousands of dollars.

After the two years end, the feature will automatically cancel, and the mining process will stabilize and become level for all network participants. This will discourage ICO buyers from selling their tokens after the official launch, encouraging more participants and investors to join the ecosystem.

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