Cardano: Shelley Testnet’s ‘networking and incentive reward model’ features will be rolled out soon

  • 23 June 2019, Sunday, 03:00

Cardano’s long-awaited Shelley Testnet was launched on 21st June. The latest upgrade which has been categorized into different stages involves hosting a “self node” as its first stage, with the big potential of setting up the incentive system as its third stage.

David Esser, Senior Product Manager for Cardano at IOHK, defined the first stage as “blockchain in a box.” The “self node” is basically a full blockchain which could be run on a user’s computer and also allow them to test the “core capabilities.”

In the latest edition of “The Cardano Effect,” Esser stated,

“This is the beginning of Shelly, not the end. We’re still going to deliver the full capabilities we talked about but we’re going to start by working with the community and testing core capabilities”

The senior executive also revealed that “networking between different servers” and setting up an “incentives model” had not been launched on the testnet yet. Esser further added that the two features will be rolled out soon.

The next phase of the testnet is implementing “networking” capabilities. This essentially, would enable users to run nodes on separate servers and “have those servers be talking to all the other servers,” stated Esser.

Following the same is the incentive model which will not only involve delegation and staking, but also testing the incentive reward model for the purpose of studying how testnet supports human interaction. Esser added,

“Humans are unpredictable, so we have this model designed with parameters built in and now we have to see how it behaves in the real world and adjust the parameters to match what humans do and so that’s going to be really really really interesting.”