Cardano’s Daedalus all set to witness a significant upgrade

  • 05 August 2019, Monday, 11:50

Cryptocurrency pundit and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson updated the crypto-community about the imminent innovations that are in store for Cardano in the month of August, through his latest AMA session.

Starting off, Hoskinson disclosed that Daedalus, the wallet for Cardano’s in-house crypto ADA, is expected to undergo a major upgrade since its launch. The forthcoming upgrade aims at enhancing the usability features of Daedalus and also rectifying issues based on the community feedback related to the wallet.

As per Hoskinson, most of the upgrade will be in the back-end, favoring the construction of Cardano’s Shelley. Recently in June, the crypto-community witnessed Cardano’s transformation from the Byron era to the Shelley era as the Shelley testnet went live on Cardano’s website. Although the entrepreneur had previously stated his sole motive to improve the Cardano ecosystem, this transition further caused a surge in ADA’s price for that respective month.

The crypto pundit further credited the Daedalus team for their great engineering and suggested that he was “super proud of what they’re about to push out” as the team has been working on the update for about two and a half months. He said,

“We’re basically moving in the right direction. So I’m very happy, very proud of how quickly the team is moving. What’s really exciting is that we now actually have all these different software teams, five to seven people usually, and they’re cutting releases all the time.”