Catching up or playing catch up? Justin Sun talks about Warren Buffett lunch

  • 15 July 2019, Monday, 10:40

While Facebook’s involvement with cryptocurrency has pulled in mainstream attention, it has overshadowed the decade-long innovations led by crypto technologists. In an effort to clear some of this fog, Tron CEO Justin Sun took to the Internet to share his recipe for success amidst the turbulent crypto market. Sharing his first secret, Sun said,

“The community is the top priority. If you look back in history, it was the most important thing for Charlie Lee (Litecoin) too.”

He further stressed on “the need to evolve” after quoting the saying, “One day in crypto is like one year in traditional (fiat) industry.” Citing the above suggestions as paramount for dominating the crypto space, Sun shed some light on his ongoing quest to democratize cryptocurrency. Sun, well-known as a marketing genius, wants to use the highly anticipated Warren Buffett lunch as a communication opportunity between the traditional crypto community and institutional investors.

In addition to conceding his wish to gain wisdom from the traditional investor, Sun argued that Buffett’s preconceived notion about crypto is due to his decade-old interaction with Bitcoin. He proclaimed,

“Ten year has been passed (since Bitcoin’s invention). There are lots of other applications running on the blockchain for so long. I also want to keep him updated on this amazing progress.”

While the mainstream media may perceive Justin Sun’s $4.5 million lunch as a one-off attempt to gain some air time, this interview signals this as the first step toward making allies within the traditional finance. Furthermore, U.S. President Trump has also openly criticized the crypto-ecosystem by linking it to various illegal activities and unlawful behavior. Granted that the road to crypto adoption is not around the corner, technologists within the space continue to restructure their entire infrastructure for entire vision.