Chainlink Takes Top 10 By Storm, EOS Leaves the Club

  • 13 July 2020, Monday, 05:00
Chainlink Takes Top 10 By Storm, EOS Leaves the Club
Source: Adobe/devenorr

After what has been a relatively quiet weekend for bitcoin (BTC) and most other top cryptoassets, the decentralized oracle platform Chainlink (LINK) has entered what can only be described as a parabolic rally in the crypto market.

After the latest rally, LINK has climbed in the rankings of the most valuable cryptoassets by market capitalization, from number 12 a few days ago to number 9 today, outranking both binance coin (BNB) and EOS. The latter is now 11th.

As of press time on Monday morning (07:40 UTC), LINK was up by more than 25% over the past 24 hours, trading at a price of USD 7.75 per token. However, the current price is still down from its overnight peak of almost USD 8.5, reached at around 1 AM UTC time.

Over the past 7 days, LINK has risen nearly 60%, making it the third-best weekly performer among the top 100 cryptoassets by market capitalization.

Although no new major announcements have been made by Chainlink over the weekend, the platform has added a number of new partnerships and integrations in recent months and weeks. These new partnerships, combined with a generally bullish sentiment towards decentralized finance (DeFi)-focused tokens, and new traders jumping on the uptrend, are believed to be the main reasons behind the latest parabolic surge in price.

Along with the price surge was also a sharp spike in trading volume seen across exchanges. Among them, Binance and Coinbase Pro together accounted for over 30% of the LINK’s trading volume over the past 24 hours.

The massive weekend gains came after LINK saw another rally just last week, which was partly fuelled by a strong interest in DeFi-related products. LINK then saw its price surge from a little over USD 4.5 to USD 6.5 in a matter of three days – a rally of about 38%.

Last week’s rally was then followed by a brief correction lower towards the end of the week, before the price once again took off yesterday morning (UTC time).

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