Chimpzee Presale Approaches End of Current Presale Stage After Raising Over $1.7M

Chimpzee Presale Approaches End of Current Presale Stage After Raising Over $1.7M

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Investors with a heart continue to flock to the Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) presale, pushing the fundraising beyond the $1.7 million milestone.

Chimpzee is a Web3 project that's making a real-world difference as it continues to make charitable contributions to organizations that are helping to save endangered animals and prevent deforestation.

Its transparent donations drive investors with a heart toward the project, as they believe the meme coin will provide substantial returns while knowing that donations are landing where they've been pledged.

Overall, Chimpzee is demonstrating how Web3 technology can be used to make a difference to the planet we live on.

Eco-Conscious Investors Flock to Chimpzee

Eco-conscious investors continue to flock to the Chimpzee presale as they learn about its charitable giving practices.

Even while the project is still in its presale, Chimpzee has made sizable donations to organizations that plant trees in rainforests and save animals on the brink of extinction.

The project is creating a movement to demonstrate to the world that Web3 technology can be used for more than greedy speculation.

Instead, it's showcasing that meme coins can help impact our planet while still providing a passive income.

With global temperatures on the rise, Chimpzee is raising awareness surrounding its potential dangers while raising funds to make a difference actively.

The project is one of the only Web3 meme coins dedicated to bringing more engagement and participation to wildlife conservation initiatives, and it is already successful in its approach.

Why is Chimpzee Their Top Choice?

Chimpzee continues to become the meme coin of choice for investors with a heart after learning about the financial contributions the project has already made – even during its presale.

All donations are fully transparent as they're made through The Giving Block, an organization that facilitates crypto-based donations to verified charities.

Chimpzee has set its presale up into distinguished milestones, which mark the time when donations are made to charitable organizations.

Some of the most notable donations were to WILD Foundation to help protect desert-adapted elephants and save the black jaguar.

For example, it donated $15,000 to the rangers who are protecting the last herd of desert-adapted elephants, a species with just 150 remaining;

It made another $20,000 donation to WILD Foundation to provide funding for the Yawanawa people to help save the 600 remaining black jaguars in the Brazilian Rainforest.

It doesn't stop there.

Chimpzee has made sizable donations to One Tree Planted to help plant 1,000 trees in the Brazilian Rainforest and 20,000 more in the Guatemalan Rainforest;

As you can see, this project is serious about giving – helping it win investors' hearts in the Web3 space.

Passive Income Potential Still Provided

The best thing about the project is that it still provides all of the returns that investors are looking for when buying meme coins.

For example, it has three avenues for CHMPZ holders to earn a passive income;


The Chimpzee Shop has launched part 1 of its planned launch. People can browse merchandise, create an account and see the amount of CHMPZ they can earn but not buy yet. Buying will be enabled once the quality control tests are completed and the payment provider is finalized. 

The NFT Marketplace will showcase environmentally-friendly NFTs and will be the first marketplace to share all of its trading fees generated with holders.

The Zero Tolerance game will form the entertainment center of the ecosystem, providing rewards for players who meet certain milestones.

These components are tied together by a series of Chimpzee Passport NFTs required for participants to earn the most passive income and receive a clear advantage over everyone else who participates in the ecosystem.

Everybody participating in the presale is entitled to mint and buy a Chimpzee NFT passport after it ends, using their $CHMPZ tokens in a special whitelist event before they are available to the public

All $CHMPZ tokens used to buy the NFT Passports will be burnt, significantly reducing the supply.

The NFT Passports provide a wide range of benefits, including;

A handsome staking APY for $CHMPZ tokensIncrease CHMPZ rewards in the Chimp ShopA discount in the Chimp ShopA share of the trading fees on the NFT MarketplaceA discount on the NFT Marketplace feesDiscounted advertising on the platformHigher rewards in the Zero Tolerance play-to-earn gameVIP access to events, airdrops, and special promotions in the ecosystem.

In addition, Chimpzee will launch an AI Avatar generator mobile application that will let users build personalized chimpanzee avatars using AI, which can be used in the game and attached to the NFT passport.

Invest Today While Prices are Low

With such a vibrant and giving ecosystem, it's not surprising to see the presale raising over $1.7 million so far.

It's currently in the 14th stage, selling the token for $0.00125. However, the current bonus can bring your token cost to $0.00093 or less while it is still available with a rising pricing strategy, so buying earlier is best while the prices are low.

Overall, this Web3 ecosystem is one of the only projects that helps you make a difference in the world, revolutionizing how you contribute to charity while earning a passive income.

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