Coin Race: Top 10 Winners & Losers of December, Q4, and 2019

  • 02 January 2020, Thursday, 08:00

2019 was most certainly an interesting year for crypto, with both bulls and bears coming and going quite often. We’ve seen the prices rally, including Bitcoin (BTC) making a historical jump, and we’ve seen those same prices fall quickly, leaving the market bloody. That said, much of the year behind us is left mostly in red – which is not to say that some coins haven’t seen a major rise in their prices. Let’s check out the winners and losers from the top 50 coins for the last month, quarter and entire year.


The month that we’ve just exited wasn’t left with a lot of greenery to remember the market by. When writing about November market performance, we said we’d have to wait for the first days of 2020 to see if the market has taken a turn to the green – here we are, and it hasn’t. Though the first two green coins boast a higher percentage than any of the red coins, on average, the red still wins.

Top 10 Coins

Top 10 coins by the market capitalization are an example of this situation. There is a slight change visible when compared to November: at least one coin is in the green, while the remaining nine have dropped during the last month. Tezos (XTZ) appreciated 8.3%, which makes it the winner in this category. Bitcoin dropped the least, while Ethereum (ETH) and XRP dropped the most, each with more than 12%.

Top 10 Winners

In the top 50 coins by market capitalization, Waves (WAVES) took the number one spot in December, with a rise of 64.5% and is followed by FTX Token (FTT), which appreciated almost 48%. Also, there are only 8 coins in green in this list, as EOS and Zcash (ZEC) dropped in a month.

Top 10 Losers

At the top of this list, we find 0x (ZRX) with a drop of 37.5%, closely followed by Centrality (CENNZ), the price of which fell 36%, which was on the winning list in November. OmiseGO (OMG) is on the 10th spot, with a drop of 22.5%. All the remaining top 10 loss percentages are within a narrow range of 22%-25%.

Winners & Losers from Top 100/200

CasinoCoin (CSC) is leading the top 100 by market capitalization list by a wide margin. It appreciated 205% in December. Waves and FTT are behind it, with Energy (NRG) taking the fourth spot, having appreciated 33.6%. OKB (OKB), with a rise of 1.81% is in the last place of just 22 green coins. The biggest drop was seen by EDUCare (EKT) with almost 50%, with V Systems (VSYS) right behind with 48%. The least to fall is DigixDAO (DGD) with 0.14%.

Top 200 is led by NPCoin (NPC) which appreciated 316%, with Divi (DIVI) being the least to appreciate (1%). Aurora (AOA) had the largest drop of 60%, with DGD dropping the least.

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Fourth quarter

The last quarter of 2019 saw its fair share of blood too, though it wasn’t all that bad. For one, we have more green coins in this period.

Top 10 Coins

Only Tezos and Bitcoin SV (BSV) have seen a rise in the last three months, with 45% and 18% respectively. The least to drop was Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with 7%, while XRP, Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum all had drops above 20%. BTC was somewhere in-between, with a fall of 13%.

Top Winners

Looking at the top 50 coins now, CENNZ is actually at the top of this list, having appreciated almost 370%. The second-placed Seele (SEELE) is far behind with a rise in price of 185%. Synthetix (SNX) is the last coin here with a three-digit rise (107%). BSV made this list too, and it’s in the last place.

Top Losers

The last three months have seen far smaller percentages when it comes to drops in price than the rises. The coin to drop the most was Dash (DASH) with 40%, while IOTA (IOT) is behind it with 39%. Stellar (XLM) dropped the most (23%), with two top 10 coins finding themselves here as well: ETH and LTC.

Winners & Losers from Top 100/200

In the top 100 in the last quarter, Molecular Future (MOF) with a rise of 259% leads the list, followed by CSC and Seele. Statis Eurs (EURS) is in the 30th place with the smallest rise of 1.8%. VSYS with 67% is the reddest coin the last three months, while the least red is Decred (DCR) with 0.5%.

When it comes to the top 200, Emirex Token (EMRX) jumped the most, with the percentage of the beast, 666%. ETHLend (LEND) is in the second place with 287%, while the last one is EURS. AOA remains the leader of the losing coins, with BTCHD (BHD) right behind it, and DCR in the last place.


Results of 2019

The year shows us some interesting changes, perhaps even the most interesting of the three categories. The first thing we notice is that, unlike 2018 which was bloody all over, we see a lot more of the color green in 2019, at least among the top 10 coins.

Top 10 Coins

Only two coins are in the red in 2019 (not taking stablecoin USDT into account): ETH with a drop of 3%, compared to XRP’s drop of 45%. XTZ and Binance Coin (BNB) are definitive winners, having appreciated 189% and 130%, respectively. BTC also saw a significant rise of over 90% through the course of the year, while EOS (EOS) appreciated the least with nearly 2%.

Top Winners

We have three coins with a massive, four-digit rise in the past year, with Seele leading the pack, having risen a whopping 3,336%. SNX with 2,882% and Leo Token (LEO) with 1,001% are behind it, while BTC is in the 10th place.

Top Losers

Algorand (ALGO) is leading the 2019 red coins in the top 50 category, with a drop of 92%, followed by Waves and Stellar. XRP found itself on this list too, in its 10th place, while the other eight coins dropped between 47% and 67%.

Winners & Losers from Top 100/200

Winner among the top 100 coins for 2019 is CSC with a rise of 54%, while the least to rise is Nano (NANO) with 0.3% in the 23rd place. The coins to have dropped the most in a year is EKT (24%), with NEM (XEM) in the last place (0.27%).

In the top 200 coins category, we find Everus (EVR) at the top with 221%, followed by LEND (108%), while Wanchain (WAN) appreciated the least in 2019 (0.15%). Gems (GEM) is in the 1st place among the red coins with a drop in price of 43%, while the title of the smallest drop in 2019 in this category is carried by Bit-Z Token (BZ) with 0.02%.