Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of March and 1st Quarter of 2021

March came to an end, and with it the first quarter of 2021. Both turned out to be very green for the crypto market. As a matter of fact, not a single coin's price from the top 50 by market capitalization dropped over the past three months, and only one among the top 100 did.

As the last month itself, the entire quarter was marked with bullish news. Among major events is certainly the first two coins by market capitalization – bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) – hitting their new all-time highs. The eyes of retail and institutional investors, as well as mainstream media, were glued to the crypto markets throughout this period.

January was already an excellent month for the markets, turning green left and right, with barely any coins finishing the month red, and not a single red coin in the top 10 by market capitalization. This is the month BTC hit USD 42,000 and ETH reached USD 1,449. But altcoins saw significant, double-digit rises as well. XRP, despite Ripple's ongoing regulatory issues with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, rallied too.

February managed to top January in terms of market performance, bringing further gains, with only two coins out of the top 100 finishing the month in red. Then we saw BTC and ETH push even higher, moving above USD 58,000 and USD 2,000, respectively. Major increases were seen among altcoins too, with binance coin (BNB), cardano (ADA), and polkadot (DOT) rising between 427% and 103%.

March came and went, and in-between we had a myriad of major news coming the Cryptoverse's way. BTC didn't miss out on a chance for a new all-time high either, surpassing USD 61,500. But let's check out the situation in more detail below.

Top 10 Coins in March & Q1

For BTC, it was the sixth month of consecutive gains. Also, among the top 10, there is a single coin whose price fell over the past month: Cardano dropped 4.3%. However, at the very end of March, IOHK, the developers behind Cardano, announced that ADA’s block production is fully decentralized, with stake pool operators in the community now responsible for the blocks produced.

Yet, other coins saw significant increases to their prices, with the winner of the ten being filecoin (FIL), entering this list with a whopping 445% rise. It's the only coin with a triple-digit rise. This could be a result of a number of news that came in March surrounding the project, including Internet company The9 Limited purchasing Filecoin mining machines and hosting agreement amounting to approximately USD 2m with a Filecoin mining service provider, as well as Grayscale Investments announcing its new Filecoin Trust.

The other coins all had double-digit increases in March, ranging from DOT's 14% to BNB's 38%.

As expected, the last quarter is entirely green. All but one coin had triple-digit rises: litecoin (LTC) went up 52.5%.

Meanwhile, FIL wins the quarter as well, appreciating more than 806%. It's followed by BNB's 730%. On the lower-end are coins which appreciated between 100% and 200%, these being ETH, chainlink (LINK), XRP, and BTC.

Top winners in March

The top 10 coins among the top 50 by market capitalization all had triple-digit rises. At the very top is chiliz (CHZ) with a rise of nearly 875%. Just yesterday, it was announced that all 250,000 Professional Fighters League (PFL) Fan Tokens launched in partnership with Chiliz and blockchain company Socios were sold out in 10 minutes.

The relatively distant second place is occupied by holo (HOT) and its 534% increase. The next in line is filecon, while theta fuel (TFUEL) and bittorrent token (BTT) appreciated between 362% and 301%. Meanwhile theta token (THETA), terra (LUNA), and hedera hashgraph (HBAR) are up 295%-201%. Lastly, klaytn (KLAY) and vechain thor (VET) increased 181% and 127.5%, respectively.

Top losers in March

There really aren't many coins to talk about on this list, as out of the top 50, only four's price decreased over the course of March. NEM (XEM) is at the top here with a drop of 30%. In March, however, NEM announced major news as they launched the new Symbol blockchain's public mainnet, “making NEM officially a two-chain ecosystem,” and have partnered with a number of companies to that end.

NEM is followed by ADA in the distant second place, as well as OKB's 1.6% and huobi token (HT)'s 0.6%.

Top 10 winners in Q1

The past quarter is showing major gains and nearly all of the top 10 coins in this group appreciated more than 1,000%.

At the very top is pancakeswap (CAKE) with a massive rise of 3,144%. Behind it are LUNA and HOT, who have both increased nearly 2,800%.

Next in line are five coins all of which appreciated between 1,100% and 1,900% – the already-mentioned CHZ, BTT, and TFUEL are in this group, in that order. The two others are solana (SOL) and dogecoin (DOGE). Dogecoin certainly had an eventful quarter as well, being the topic of Tesla's Elon Musk's tweets, as well as catching interest of the (in)famous WallStreetBets subreddit.

Last two are HBAR 985% and avalanche (AVAX)'s 890%.

Top losers in Q1

Eeehh… Hmmm… There's nothing!

Well done, quarter!

Winners & losers from top 100 in March & Q1

Out of the top 100 coins by market capitalization, orbit chain (ORC) stands in the first place in March, as the only coin that appreciated 2,238%. Others on the list went up less than 1,000%. ORC is followed by CHZ, then DENT's 717%, HOT, and FIL. STORJ with 391.5% is in the 7th place, before TFUEL, enjin coin (ENJ)'s 362%, and decentraland (MANA)'S 335%.

On the opposite end, the coins that finished red among the 100 are XEM, voyager token (VGX) with 24%, fantom (FTM) with 13%, and the mentioned ADA. Besides these, HT, bridge oracle (BRG), and OKB all dropped less than 1%.

In the past quarter, DENT is at the top, appreciating 6,330%. Then come ORC, pundi X (NPXS), bitmax token (BTMX), and harmony (ONE), which are all up between 4,000% and 4,920%. Next in line is CAKE, having appreciated 3,205%, followed by LUNA's 2,837% and HOT's 2,787%.

As for the red coins among the top 100 in the past quarter: celsius network (CEL) dropped 5%. That's all. Once again – well done, quarter.

Everyone in crypto should take a moment to appreciate what a great quarter the past 3 months were. Maybe the most…

— Mike Novogratz (@novogratz)

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