Crypto ecosystem wouldn’t be the same without a woman’s touch; these women play a major role in crypto-space

  • 30 June 2019, Sunday, 15:00

The world of crypto grows by the second and so do the people in it. We all know Satoshi Nakamoto for Bitcoin, Changepeng Zhao AKA CZ for Binance, David Schwartz for his amazing tech, and the list goes on. The amazing contribution from the people in the space led to a movement of promoting crypto to every part of the world, but there is one problem. Where are the women of crypto?

Here are the women:

Bizzabo conducted research where they analyzed speakers and registrants at 100 cryptocurrency events over 15 countries, found that more than three-quarters, 79%, of attendees were male and 21% were female. According to research conducted by LongHash that studied the gender divide in blockchain startups, it was found that just 14.5% of blockchain startup team members were women. Apart from the workforce, women held fewer executive and advisory positions as compared to men.

According to Alon Alroy of Bizzabo, who spoke about gender diversity:

“The lack of gender diversity in attendees speaks to the industries most of the registrants come from. The financial services and technology sectors have all struggled with inclusion and that has a cascading impact on the gender mix at these events.”

This article is an attempt at getting to know the women in this space. It’s the first of many that will chronicle their journeys and stories.