Crypto Exchange PancakeSwap Expands into Gaming with New Marketplace – Earn CAKE for Playing Games?

Crypto Exchange PancakeSwap Expands into Gaming with New Marketplace – Earn CAKE for Playing Games?

Decentralized exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap has launched its Gaming Marketplace, enabling developers to directly build, publish, and update games on the platform to an audience of 1.5 million potential players.

Per the announcement, the platform is also a hub for the community to explore games that feature ecosystem elements, including its coins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The DEX stated that,

“This is far more than just another feature; it’s a significant leap into the exhilarating domain of blockchain gaming, fueled by our community’s enthusiasm and the boundless potential of GameFi.”

The platform allows users to interact with other gamers, exchange strategies, and read the latest game information.

Furthermore, the developers’ hub is presented as a “launchpad” and “the most dynamic DEX arena,” with PancakeSwap saying that,

“With a whopping 1.5 million potential monthly players, your games have the spotlight and audience they deserve. Whether you’re just sketching out ideas or polishing a completed project, we’re all ears for your proposal and how it can synergize with PancakeSwap.”

Lastly, most of the featured games are integrated with CAKE and NFT. This allows the PancakeSwap ecosystem to expand and provide more ways for players to benefit from the gameplay and be rewarded.

This feature also allows game creators to integrate CAKE tokens and NFTs into their own games. It enables the creators to explore monetization opportunities, PancakeSwap said, without an exclusive commitment to this particular platform.

???? Introducing the PancakeSwap Gaming Marketplace – a GameFi Revolution with 1.5 Million potential players!

???? Featuring games like Pancake Protectors & Pancake Mayor???? A dynamic hub for gamers & developers????️ Play, build, & connect in a world of endless possibilities!…

— PancakeSwap????Everyone's Favorite DEX (@PancakeSwap) November 15, 2023

PancakeSwap operates on nine blockchains (BNB Chain, Ethereum, Aptos, Polygon zkEVM, zkSync Era, Arbitrum One, Linea, Base, and opBNB), enabling a wide environment, diverse ecosystem, and broad reach for creators’ games it said.

PancakeSwap V3 sits in 5th place on BSC, with a 24-hour toke trading volume of $257.5 million,


At launch, the platform will feature the DEX’s flagship game Pancake Protectors and city-building game Binary X‘s Pancake Mayor. More games are in the pipeline.

Pancake Protectors launched in May 2023 in partnership with GameFi protocol Mobox.

The announcement noted that this game attracted over 25,000 daily active users (DAU) during peak times. It also, the exchange argues, “highlights the abundant opportunities game developers can tap into with this new Gaming Marketplace.”

PancakeSwap credits Pancake Protectors as its debut in the GameFi world. The game, it said, caters to the GameFi community, CAKE collectors, Pancake Squad, and Bunnies holders.

Meanwhile, the players may potentially earn some coins while gaming.

According to a May press release, which announced the game’s CAKE integration,

“This integration allows players to utilize CAKE tokens in-game and earn CAKE rewards while enjoying the gameplay.”

Top players on the leaderboard could win 10,000 in CAKE, while all players could unlock lottery tickets to win NFTs and exclusive prizes.

Users can also buy in-game CAKE hero characters with CAKE tokens. Pancake Squads (PancakeSwap’s NFT) unlock in-game rewards and improve CAKE heroes’ abilities, the May announcement said.

At the time of writing on Thursday morning, CAKE was trading at $2.59. It was unchanged in 24 hours, up 17% in a week, and 130% in a month.

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