Crypto Listing and Delisting Announcements: Week 37

  • 14 September 2020, Monday, 18:00
Crypto Listing and Delisting Announcements: Week 37
Source: iStock/oonal

Here is our weekly collection of digital asset listing and delisting, trading pair-related announcements by crypto exchanges that we found last week and today.

Have we missed something? Do you have information about new listings and/or delistings? Let us know here.


Bibox Listings: Alchemy Pay (ACH) Loopring (LRC) Phala (PHA) Sun Token (SUN)

Bilaxy Listings: Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Xfinance (XFI) PYLON (PYLON) CreedToken (CREED) SakeToken (SAKE) PickleToken (PICKLE) BNSD Finance (BNSD) Miniswap (MINI) MoonToken (MOON) dForce (DF) DeFi King (DFK) Boosted Finance (BOOST) Hex (HEX) Sashimi Token (SASHIMI) Amp (AMP) Ethverse Token (ETHV) (ALEPH) Swapfolio (SWFL) UniTrade (TRADE) Zeedex (ZDEX) Alchemy Pay (ACH) Ethverse Token (ETHV) (ALEPH) Swapfolio (SWFL) UniTrade (TRADE) Zeedex (ZDEX) Alchemy Pay (ACH) (YFFII) Mandi (MANDI)

Binance Listings: UMA Protocol (UMA) Added new trading pairs: Serum / BIDR (SRM / BIDR) Harmony / BIDR (ONE / BIDR) Chainlink / Trias (LINK / TRY) Tether / Nigerian Niara (USDT / NGN) Delistings: Insolar (INS)

Bitfinex Listings: Elrond Gold (EGLD) Delistings: Internet Node Token (INT)

BitForex Listings: SUN Token (SUN) Dragon Ball (DRAGON) JUST (JST) YFA.CASH (YFA) SushiSwap (SUSHI) (YFI) Unitrade (TRADE) Carrot (CRT) Pearl (PEARL) TAI (TAI) SalmonSwap (SAL) Corn (CORN) Added new trading pairs: IQeon / Bitcoin (IQN / BTC) IQeon / Ethereum (IQN / ETH)

Bithumb Listings: Ontology (ONT) Ontology Gas (ONG) Askcoin (ASK) Hedget (HGET) Swerve Finance (SWRV) Gather Network (GTH) Lotto Nation (LNT)

BitMart Listings: Arweave (AR) Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)

BitMax Listings: Aegis (AGS) Centric (CNS)

Bittrex Listings: Matic Network (MATIC) Ravencoin Classic (RVC) Terra SDT (SDT)

Bitrue Listings: Gala (GALA)

Bit-Z Listings: Sun Token (SUN) Halo Platform (HALO) JUST Stablecoin (USDJ)

BKEX Listings: Universal Liquidity Union (ULU) The Sandbox (SAND) Pofid DAO (PFID) Golff Protocol (GOF) Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Cream Finance (CREAM) Sun Token (SUN) CoinBreeder DAO (BREE) MoonSwap (MOON) Hedget (HGET) PTB Chain (PTB) Listings: Polkadot (DOT)

Changelly Listings: Electroneum (ETN)

Coinbase Listings: UMA Protocol (UMA)

Coinbase Pro Listings: UMA Protocol (UMA) (YFI) Loopring (LRC)

CoinEX Listings: Sun Token (SUN) IFWallet (IFT) Diamond (DMD)

Coinone Listings: Bounce Token (BOT) UMA Protocol (UMA) DIA (DIA) NEST Protocol (NEST) Balancer (BAL)

Crex24 Listings: Safe Deal (SFD) Newton (NCP) Defiance (DEFIT) Ethereumsc (ETHSC) Doos Token (DOOS) P2P Cash (P2P) Delistings: Iots (IOTS) Enecuum (ENQ) Listings: Bluezelle (BLZ) Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Elrond Gold (EGLD)

DigiFinex Listings: Mobilian Coin (MBN) Betherchip (BEC) CoinBreeder (BREE) Epanus Token (EPS) JackPool Finance (JFI) (YFI) YFII.Money (YFII) Loopring (LRC) Balancer (BAL) Numeraire (NMR) Reserve Rights (RSR) Bancor (BNT) Listings: Sun Token (SUN) STP Network (STP) Golff (GOF) Sashimi (SASHIMI) Harvest Finance (FARM) Swerve Finance (SWRV) Wayaki Chain Governance Token (WGRT)

Gemini Listings: AMP Token (AMP) Compound (COMP) Pax Gold (PAXG)

HitBTC Listings: Synthetix Network Token (SNX)

Hotbit Listings: Perpetual Protocol (PERP) SakeSwap (SAKE) Hedget (HGET) MoonSwap (MOON) xFinance (XFI) Sashimi (SASHIMI) Revv Token (REVV) DurianFi (DUN) Sun Token (SUN) Phala Network (PHA) (BOT) Burrency (BUY) Golff (GOF) ULU Finance (ULU) BNSD Finance (BNSD) BNS Token (BNS) Mobilian Coin (MBN1) MathWallet (MATH) SalmonSwap (SAL) AISF (AGT) Aegis (AGS) Organix Protocol (OGX)

Huobi Listings: Golff (GOF) Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) renBTC (RENBTC) Sun Token (SUN) Bounce Token (BOT) Swerve (SWRV) PowerPool Concentrated Voting Power (CVP) Phala Network (PHA) Sand (SAND) dForce (DF) Added new trading pairs: Band Protocol / HuobiUSD (BAND / HUSD) Polkadot / HuobiUSD (DOT / HUSD)

KuCoin Listings: (YFI) Burrency (BUY) Sun Token (SUN) Added new trading pairs: Loki / Tether (LOKI / USDT) Delistings: GramGold Coin (GGC)

LBank Listings: Sun Token (SUN) CoudBit Token (CDB) Bridge Protocol (BGPT) Golff (GOF) Diamond (DMD) Harvest Finance (FARM) ULU Protocol (ULU) Swerve (SWRV)

Liquid Listings: Rupiah Token (IDRT)

OKEx Listings: Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Swerve (SWRV) Bounce Token (BOT) Sun Token (SUN) Numeraire (NRM) Melon (MLN) Augur (REP)

MXC Exchange Listings: TriumphX (TRIX) Lien (LIEN) Pickle Finance (PICKLE) Centric (CNS) New BitShares (NBS) Phala Network (PHA) Sun Token (SUN) Golff (GOF) Sentivate (SNTVT) Treecle (TRCL) JUST Stablecoin (JUST)

P2PB2B Listings: Vidya (VIDYA) Streem (STRM) Melecoin (MELE) Wave Token (WAE)

Poloniex Listings: Sun Token (SUN) Cream.Finance (CREAM) Falcon Swap (FSW) Swerve (SWRV) Unification (FUND)

ProBit Listings: EtherPay (ETHPY) Exchange Payment Coin (EXP) Funder One (UBETS) Yearn Finance Bit (YFTB) Yield Stake Finance (YI12) Hybrid Bank Cash (HBC) Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) Rowan Coin (RWN) ZEEDEX (ZDEX) Pilnette (PVG) Digex (DIGEX)

Upbit Listings: Lambda (LAMB) Plair (PLA) Orchid Protocol (OXT)

Yobit Listings: StormX (STMX)

WazirX Delistings: Etherparty (FUEL)

ZB.COM Listings: Swerve (SWRV) Diamond (DMD)

ZT Global Listings: Sun Token (SUN) Zyro.Finance (ZYRO) DAK (DAK) Mini Swap (YMI) Boosted Finane (BOOST) Alchemy Pay (ACH) SalmonSwap (SAL) AIRA Robonomics (XRT) Unitrade (TRADE) Lien Finance (LIEN) Akropolis (AKRO)