Crypto Strategists are Accumulating This AI Crypto Before it Hits Exchanges – How to Buy Early?

Crypto Strategists are Accumulating This AI Crypto Before it Hits Exchanges – How to Buy Early?

As the market for cryptocurrency grows increasingly competitive, seasoned strategists are setting their sights on AI-driven cryptos during presale events–both to capitalize on the AI craze as well as explore the real utility that AI can offer the crypto space. 

One such project showing promise is on an AI crypto startup that's gaining attention from diverse investor circles. The project is called Launchpad XYZ and it's capitalizing on artificial intelligence to offer unique features for crypto investment.

In an ongoing LPX token presale, the crypto startup has successfully raised $1.93 million so far. The presale proceeds are intended for developing a multifaceted AI-integrated Web 3.0 platform with features ranging from decentralized exchanges to high-value asset fractional ownership.

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The Incentive Mechanics in the Crypto Presale

During the initial stage of the LPX token presale, Launchpad XYZ offered investors a 20% bonus. As of now, the bonus has reduced to 12% and will continue to shrink by 1% every seven days, with just 36 hours remaining in the current bonus phase. 

According to the startup, participants will need to lock their LPX tokens for at least 90 days to utilize the full spectrum of features the platform offers. This strategy introduces a time-sensitive component to the crypto presale.

What AI Tools Mean for the Crypto Investment Scene

Launchpad XYZ's goal is to integrate advanced AI trading tools into its platform. Termed as the “Launchpad Quotient,” the AI-driven feature will analyze data from more than 400 points to provide investors with risk-reward insights

Another offering includes an AI-powered search box on the company's dashboard that will help investors identify promising cryptocurrencies for investment. CEO Terence Ribaudo, who has over a decade of experience in the Web 3.0 industry, leads the crypto startup.

Apart from its focus on AI tools and crypto investment, the team at Launchpad XYZ has taken steps to enhance the project's transparency. Public LinkedIn profiles are available for all core team members, adding another layer of accountability. 

As for its roadmap, the startup plans to introduce a Web 3.0 wallet in 2023, along with other tools like a token directory and an educational hub by the end of the year.

Securing LPX Tokens During the Presale: A Step-By-Step Guide

Entering a crypto presale often requires a set of simple steps to ensure a seamless transaction. Here's a straightforward guide to purchasing LPX tokens through Launchpad XYZ's ongoing presale.

Setting Up Your Digital Wallet

Firstly, one needs a digital wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens to partake in the presale. MetaMask is the platform's recommended choice, cited for its ease of use. 

Downloading the app or browser extension from the MetaMask website and following the setup instructions should get you up and running.

Funding the Wallet with Crypto

After successfully setting up a digital wallet, the next action is to purchase and transfer cryptocurrencies into it. Ethereum and USDT are among the tokens accepted by Launchpad XYZ. Credit card payments are also accepted during the presale, providing an additional avenue for investment.

Linking the Wallet to the Presale Portal

The third step involves connecting your digital wallet to Launchpad XYZ's website. Clicking the 'Connect Wallet' option and following the subsequent directions will ensure the wallet becomes integrated with the platform's presale portal.

Completing the Token Purchase

Once the wallet is connected, investors can then select their preferred crypto payment method and indicate how many LPX tokens they wish to buy. Keep in mind that transaction costs—commonly known as GAS fees—will apply and should be factored into your investment calculations.

Retrieving Your LPX Tokens

The last part of the process is claiming the acquired tokens. Investors will have a seven-day window following the presale's conclusion to do so. Launchpad XYZ will release additional instructions to guide token claims.

The approach of Launchpad XYZ offers a snapshot into the future trends in AI-driven crypto startups and Web 3.0 investment platforms. As the LPX token presale continues to capture both attention and capital, its utility and AI capabilities present a new angle to crypto investment options. 

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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