Cryptocurrency adoption is going to be very natural in the future, claims Peter McCormack

  • 03 July 2019, Wednesday, 21:00

Although established giants including Facebook and Nike have marked their entry into the cryptospace, the veteran crypto-community is betting against these upcoming projects, owing to growing regulatory constraints by government agencies. On the flipside, Peter McCormack’s feature on the Keiser Report suggested enthusiasts are certain about crypto’s inevitable rise in the face of fiat’s demise.

Against the backdrop of crypto’s soaring value as the main point of discussion, McCormack discussed his rising popularity after calling out Craig Wright for misleading the general public. While the leading crypto-journalist admitted his Bitcoin bias over Bitcoin SV, he clarified his motive behind openly attacking Craig Wright, stating that he wanted to “expose the scammers as opposed to providing them with a platform.”

Talking about Wright’s move to sue various crypto-players for defamation, including himself, McCormack pointed out,

“I can’t deny it will benefit me as people are going to be more exposed to my podcast because of it. I did it more because, @hodlnaut was getting bullied.”

While clearing out his intentions to divert Calvin Ayre’s and Craig Wright’s attention away from the respectable entities within the crypto ecosystem, McCormack displayed confidence in winning the court against Wright’s defamation. He also commented on Wright’s behavior, saying,

“The guy (Craig Wright) who supposedly invented censorship resistant money wants to sue me for words.”

Ending the interview on a lighter note, the prominent Bitcoin advocate drew a stark comparison between CDs and fiat currency, hinting at CD’s being replaced by MP3s during his lifetime. He delightfully shared,

“Bitcoin has changed the nature of money. It operates better and people take a bit of power away from governments. For future generations, it’s going to be very natural to them (to adopt cryptocurrency).”

McCormack also highlighted China’s consistent trading volumes amidst the government’s recent crypto-ban. According to the crypto-proponent, U.S. is currently the biggest market for crypto’s growth as the government cannot afford to move innovation away from the country.