DAPI meant to resolve barriers to crypto-adoption, claims Dash Core Group’s Ryan Taylor

  • 23 July 2019, Tuesday, 17:40

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, was in the news last week after he claimed that the implementation of Chainlock protocol would make the network immune to 51% attacks and a chain re-org.

Dash is in the news yet again, for their soon to be released Decentralized API [DAPI]. With support from the yet-to-be released platform, it will let developers integrate applications into the p2p network of Dash. DAPI will play the role of turning the network into a cloud with the support of Drive, its partner component.

DAPI and Drive are two of Dash’s most important architectural components. While DAPI will help the p2p network convert into the cloud, Drive will help in storing data on the cloud.

One of the main reasons for the launch of DAPI is the fact that though great leaps have been made by the cryptospace, it still lags in the business integration aspect. Most businesses that have embraced crypto have done so by means of complex and expensive methods. Dash’s DAPI plans on solving the adoption issue for them.

Last month, Taylor extensively spoke about issues faced by developers and merchants when it comes to crypto-adoption in electronic payments. Dash will launch an Evolution project later this year, a project through which the company will look into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies’ adoption deficiencies.

Talking about Dash’s Chainlock protocol and its immunity to 51% attacks or a re-org, Taylor had said,

“The cost of attacking the Dash network for an hour isn’t just rent some hashrate like it is for all other cryptocurrencies, you also have to control 20, 25 percent of the coin supply before you could even attempt it. That makes Dash, probably, the most secure cryptocurrency, even more so than Bitcoin.”

Source: ambcrypto.com