Dash iOS wallet gets Uphold integration after exchange removed withdrawal fee

  • 15 August 2019, Thursday, 04:00

Dash recently integrated Uphold exchange platform to its iOS wallet following the exchange’s decision to remove Dash withdrawal fee of $2.99. The platform had already integrated Uphold to its Android wallet earlier in October 2018 which makes it easier for the Dash wallet users on both platforms to use Uphold services directly from the app. The integration would make it easier for Dash users to send money back and forth as well as move between Dash and fiat with ease.

Uphold is a popular cryptocurrency exchange which boasts $5 billion USD worth of transactions on its platform. Robin O’Connell, the CEO of Uphold commented on the latest integration stating that they had quite a long partnership with Dash with only focus on ease of use for consumers. He said,

“Dash has been a long-time partner of Uphold and we work closely with them to optimize usability. These updates to our integration make it easier and less expensive for users to pay with Dash in real-world scenarios, increasing Dash’s usability and streamlining the user experience.”

The latest integration of Uphold to Dash’s iOS wallet solidifies its position in the mobile crypto wallet front since Uphold exchange services will now be available to both Android and iOS users. The firm believes that the services of Uphold exchange being directly available in the Dash wallet especially the fiat-to-dash purchase option would surely boost its user growth.

The Uphold integration was announced through a blog which also suggests that the user distribution of Dash is currently more lenient towards Android. The Global mobile software usage for July 2019 suggest that 76.1% of the Dash mobile wallet users are on Android while only 22% of the users are on iOS devices. However, Dash is hoping to bridge that gap and the iOS integration is a clear move in that direction.

Source: ambcrypto.com