EOS Studio picks up the slack; announces new developer-centric ecosystem

  • 07 August 2019, Wednesday, 14:50

In the midst of soaring BTC prices and Ripple’s extensive partnerships, EOS.IO gained limelight after sharing information on EOS Studio’s move to streamline blockchain app development with its Cross-Platform IDE.

This step was carried out in order to ease the entire process of blockchain app development for developers. The company plans to to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process of app development by leveraging its established integrations of pre-existing tools that were used in EOS.IO. As per the official statement,

“This would significantly help EOSIO developers when they are working with complex codes or smart contracts.”

With a proven history of being used as the standard tool for developing apps, EOS Studio can look forward to a number of quality blockchain applications over EOSIO in the offing. While this is speculated to positively impact the EOS market, it has also empowered developers to build and deploy smart contracts, manage the local environment, debug and test their contracts – all in EOS Studio, with more features to be announced soon.

Source: ambcrypto.com