Fitness Industry Will Get Shock Therapy With Fight Out Web3 Gyms and VR Avatars – Invest Today?

  • 06 January 2023, Friday, 17:45
Fitness Industry Will Get Shock Therapy With Fight Out Web3 Gyms and VR Avatars – Invest Today?

Fitness Industry Will Get Shock Therapy With Fight Out Web3 Gyms and VR Avatars – Invest Today?

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New crypto project Fight Out is set to revolutionize the fitness industry with its ambitious plans to develop a market-leading move-to-earn app and build real-world Web3-integrated gyms.

The project, which recently launched the first stage of its presale, has already attracted nearly $3 million in funding - not only because of the exciting future plans but because early investors get several benefits and rewards for securing tokens early.

That includes up to 50% in FGHT token bonuses and securing an asset that will increase by 100% by the time the presale ends.

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What is Fight Out?

Fight Out is a new move-to-earn (M2E) project that will allow users to earn rewards for completing workouts at home or in a gym.

The Fight Out app uses smart technology to track movement, key effort indicators, sleep and nutrition to build a digital fitness avatar and then tailor individualized workout regimes to each user.

The regimes, which come with hi-def video instructions, offer a holistic approach to training that does not just focus on strength and conditioning but also wellness and mental health.

The avatar, which is a virtual-reality, soulbound NFT - meaning it cannot be sold or traded - is fully customizable and represents the user. Completing workouts earns REPS an off-chain, in-app currency that can be used to get discounts on gym membership and app subscription, pay for personal training sessions and purchase apparel, supplements and training equipment.

Further REPS can be earned by users pitting themselves against others in daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

As well as the market-leading app, Fight Out is also planning to build Web3-integrated gyms to act as community hubs in key locations around the world.

Locations for the first venue are already being scouted, with Web3 features to include 'mirrors' that show the VR avatars and sensors that track movements and allow users to earn rewards.

Fight Out's developing team also recently announced major partnerships with four world-class stars to act as ambassadors, helping market the growth of the project and also providing exclusive content such as training regimes and behind-the-scenes access.

Headlined by former world champ Savannah Marshall, who is likely to face Claressa Shields in a rematch of the most-watched women's boxing match ever, No 2-ranked UFC flyweight Taila Santos, No 9 strawweight Amanda Ribas and American Ninja Warrior Tremayne Dortch have all signed on.

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FGHT Token Presale Info

As mentioned above, the project is already racing through its presale and has sold more than half of its stage 1 allocation.

Interested investors should move quickly before stage 1 sells out or miss out. Now on sale for $0.0166 each, when stage 1 ends (after $5 million is reached) the price of the tokens will increase every second until a max of $0.0333 is reached - a 100% increase on the price today.

Furthermore, stage 1 investors can earn up to 50% extra in bonuses, depending on how many FGHT tokens they purchase and how long they opt to lock tokens for.

To get the full 50% bonus, investors would need to buy $50,000 of FGHT and vest their tokens for 24 months. That level of investment and vesting period would provide a stark return of 4.5 million FGHT tokens today, compared to just 1.5 million in the second stage.

Fight Out has been developed by a fully doxxed team that is KYC verified by CoinSniper and that has long experience in combat sports, gym ownership and app development.

The FGHT token's smart contract has been fully audited by the respected blockchain security firm Certik.

One lucky winner will also receive $250,000 of FGHT tokens in a giveaway, with investors able to multiple entries by completing various social media tasks - to be eligible investors must hold at least $250 dollars of FGHT on the day of the draw.

There project has a max supply of 10 billion FGHT tokens, with 60% available during the presale, 30% for bonuses and rewards and 10% reserved for liquidity on exchanges - of the funds raised during the presale, 70% will be used to fund venue acquisition and refurbishment, 18% on marketing & partnerships and 12% on product development.

Fight Out is also offering membership packages in four different levels - contender, champion, world champion, undisputed champion - where additional perks such as 24 months of app subscription and bonus REPS can be acquired, as well as exclusive signed merchandise.

Read through our full guide on how to buy FGHT tokens during the presale.

Interested parties should read the Fight Out whitepaper or join the Telegram group for the latest news.

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