Gaming Platform Xsolla Denies Adding Ripple (XRP) Payment Method; Eos (EOS) & InQubeta (QUBE) Win Investors’ Hearts

Gaming Platform Xsolla Denies Adding Ripple (XRP) Payment Method; Eos (EOS) & InQubeta (QUBE) Win Investors’ Hearts

InQubeta ($QUBE) is arguably the best DeFi crypto launched this year as its presale raised over $3.7 million despite how bearish cryptocurrency markets have been in the past few months. The ambitious platform has emerged as one of the best NFT projects around as it uses ERC20 coins to create a more accessible alternative to traditional investment avenues.

$QUBE prices have doubled since the beta stage of the presale and investors who get in now get to grow their holdings by over 300% by the time tokens are released on exchanges. 

Eos ($EOS) investors haven’t been as fortunate as InQubeta investors as prices have dropped by over 48% in the past month, but price charts show a reversal has occurred as prices rose 2% in the past week. $EOS are as low as they’ve been all year and prices could easily double in the next few months if highs set in March are reclaimed. 

Meanwhile, the gaming platform Xsolla was the center of some confusion earlier in the week when a tweet sent out from BitPay’s account claimed Ripple ($XRP) payments would be accepted for some of its games like Roblox, leading to speculation about the platform moving toward cryptocurrency payments. 

Best DeFi crypto InQubeta ($QUBE) winning over investors

InQubeta emerging as a favorite among cryptocurrency investors isn’t surprising to those who have tracked the growth of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry in the past decade. AI has gone from a cool science fiction concept to reality during that time frame and investments in the technology have grown exponentially as its viability increases. 

Over $120 billion is currently invested in AI and current projections have that number jumping to $1.5 trillion by 2030. InQubeta provides a useful solution to the inaccessibility and inefficiency of traditional investment mediums, positioning the project to help funnel the influx of investment capital to startups looking to advance the technology. 

Technological upheavals always create prospects for investors to earn massive returns on their investments as was the case with the internet and cryptocurrency revolutions. Those who invested during the birth of these technologies have walked away with significant profits and things won’t be any different with artificial intelligence. 

InQubeta’s unique approach to AI investments

AI startups can secure the funding they need on the InQubeta blockchain by minting investment opportunities into ERC20 coins, commonly called non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is impossible to duplicate these tokens and their authenticity can be easily verified on the InQubeta blockchain. 

These tokens are listed on the NFT marketplace and backers purchase them with $QUBE. Investors get full control of their ERC20 coins once payments are completed and they can resell them any time they want. 

Xsolla denies adding Ripple ($XRP) as a payment method

BitPay has since deleted the tweet that claimed $XRP payments were now being accepted on Xsolla. The gaming platform quickly refuted the news about receiving cryptocurrency payments, but that didn’t stop $XRP prices from jumping 8% in the past seven days. 

Eos ($EOS) poised for considerable growth

$EOS prices are as low as they’ve been all year and a new support level appears to have been found as prices grow 2% in the past week. Prices could grow 3x in the next couple of months if its current bull run is sustained. Tokens are currently priced at $0.54 but traded for $1.21 in March. 


$QUBE is one of the best DeFi projects launched this year and it's also one of the best altcoins to invest in. Prices are set for 300% growth during the remaining stages of the presale and some projections have them growing 100x once available on exchanges. 

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