Here's a Metaverse Game With the Power and Design to be a 10x Gainer at Launch

  • 05 December 2022, Monday, 16:30
Here's a Metaverse Game With the Power and Design to be a 10x Gainer at Launch

Here's a Metaverse Game With the Power and Design to be a 10x Gainer at Launch

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RobotEra is making its debut in the blockchain gaming space with a simple gameplay and design technique that should make it incredibly easy for investors to make gains.

An Introduction to RobotEra

RobotEra is a blockchain gaming project that recently launched its asset presale. The game's developers have released the game's design concept, which is proving to be extremely innovative in terms of gameplay and storyline.

Players get to access Taro – a planet which, according to the storyline, was destroyed following an apocalyptic event. The planet is set for a rebuild, and players will be tasked to participate in this rebuilding process.

Taro is a metaverse in which users can choose their avatars and buy territory. All properties are non fungible tokens (NFTs), including avatars, land, and structures.

Players can construct various structures after purchasing land. These structures can be monetized in addition to selling billboard ads, charging concert ticket prices, cultivating sacred trees, and other activities.

Different Avenues to Earn

RobotEra provides players with a simple way to make returns. The more users conduct activities within the game and contribute to rebuilding the planet, the more profit they make.

However, there are other ways to earn as well. RobotEra provides quests and other side activities that players can participate in.

The platform also offers access to communal metaverse activities, such as games, concerts, and more, to reward players for their participation.

TARO - A New Coin On the Rise

Like most blockchain gaming platforms, RobotEra operates using a native token. The platform's token, TARO, was named after the virtual world to where players will be transported.

All of RobotEra's operations are powered by TARO. The digital asset can be used to acquire NFTs within RobotEra's game system and exchanged for real money when users sell their NFTs and choose to cash out.

With RobotEra already getting traction, TARO appears to be the next big thing in metaverse gaming. The crypto asset is now available on presale and has thus far raised $370,000 despite being available for less than a month.

As the market looks to flip bullish, blockchain gaming is expected to see more investor interest, and both RobotEra and TARO have massive potential for growth.

TARO currently trades at just $0.025. However, the coin's price will continue to rise as more stages of its presale are passed.

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