Is It Too Late to Buy Render? RNDR Price Climbs 25% Amid Buzz Around a Fresh New Telegram Casino Platform – Time to Buy?

Is It Too Late to Buy Render? RNDR Price Climbs 25% Amid Buzz Around a Fresh New Telegram Casino Platform – Time to Buy?

The RNDR price has surged by 25% in the past 24 hours, rising to $2.95 after the cryptocurrency market gained by 2.5%.

Render is now up an impressive 58% in the last 30 days, with today’s push following from excitement surrounding a new governance proposal.

Named RNP-007, the proposal (if accepted) will introduce updates that will make it easier for developers to build large language models using Render’s platform.

Such an update could be big for Render if accepted, yet it’s not the only promising altcoin today, with online betting platform TG.Casino currently in the middle of a very popular presale.

Is It Too Late to Buy Render? RNDR Price Climbs 25%

Probably the most bullish thing about RNDR right now is its 24-hour trading volume, which has risen from around $30 million in October to an all-time high of just over $400 million.

This signals a massive spike in interest in the token, as does the coin’s RSI (purple), which has passed 70 again.

The rising RSI is also complemented by RNDR’s 30-day average (yellow), which continues to climb higher above its 200-day average (blue).

What this means is that RNDR is in the middle of a breakout rally, although it’s hard to gauge just how long such a rally may last.

For now, the RNDR price has actually fallen by 3% in the past hour, yet this could potentially be a dip en route to further gains in the next one or two days.

If you panic sold $RNDR don't worry, it's going to 70x at least in bull so buying here is same as buying at $2 or whatever price you are lamenting over missing out on.

You're never to early in a bull run.

Repeat after me: “This is HODL szn”

— brandon (@ibunscripted) November 15, 2023

Given that RNDR’s support level (green) has risen quite healthily in the past few weeks, it’s unlikely that it will fall particularly far before rising again.

As noted above, the altcoin is rising largely because of an update proposal that’s currently open for voting.

This would introduce a number of protocol changes that would make the development of generative AI on Render easier for developers.

For a guide on using Nation and voting with RENDER SPL tokens please see here:

▪️Read full RNP-007 proposal:


— The Render Network (@rendernetwork) November 15, 2023

And given just how big generative AI and large language models have become in the past year or so, such a change could lead to greater adoption for Render in the longer term.

As such, RNDR could potentially reach $3.50 in the next few weeks, market sentiment permitting.

Buzz Around a Fresh New Telegram Casino Platform – Time to Buy?

Because RNDR may be close to peaking, it may be more advisable to look to other altcoins.

In particular, tokens near the start of a rally or growth spurt may be more profitable for many traders, with presale tokens being one promising area in this respect.

A very good example of such a token is TG.Casino (TGC), a decentralized gambling platform that has raised more than $2.1 million in its ongoing sale.

Time for our latest numbers update!

???? Casino Performance Since Launch

Players in the casino have now wagered over $16 Million!!!

We've also crossed the 2000+ player milestone reflecting our rapidly expanding playerbase.

Total deposits in the casino have now soared past $2…

— TG Casino (@TGCasino_) November 15, 2023

As a presale token, one big advantage in TG.Casino’s favor is that it has already launched its casino, meaning that investors have already received reassurance that it’s a meaningful project.

The other big advantage is that TG.Casino operates primarily on popular social messaging app Telegram, where it plays games and announces winners.

Tapping into Telegram’s pre-existing userbase has enabled TG.Casino to grow its own community quickly, with its Telegram channel now counting over 6,000 users.

HUGE win on Sugar Rush????????

TG Casino is the place to play. The place to win!@PragmaticPlay

— TG Casino (@TGCasino_) November 13, 2023

Such a user count bodes well for TG.Casino’s future, as well as the future of its native TGC token.

The platform will use TGC to pay out winnings, while holders can also stake it to earn a steady income.

And while it hasn’t begun listing, investors can buy it early at the official TG.Casino website.

1 TGC costs $0.155., yet this presale price will rise in just under a day, while it could surge massively once the token lists on exchanges.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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