Is It Too Late to Buy Tether Gold? XAUT Price Increases 1% as Crypto Casino Project Gathers Pace – How to Buy Cheap?

Is It Too Late to Buy Tether Gold? XAUT Price Increases 1% as Crypto Casino Project Gathers Pace – How to Buy Cheap?

Leading crypto gold project Tether Gold (XAUT) has seen a +1% price increase amid bullish movements in underlying 1:1 gold prices (per troy Oz) – fuelled largely by increased geopolitical risk stemming from the developing Israeli confrontation with Hamas.

Amid the violence, gold prices are experiencing an uptrend, trading near the $1,850 mark, primarily driven by the escalating military situation around Gaza – which if triggering heightened tensions across the Middle East.

With global markets remain wary of potential geopolitical uncertainties that might have broader implications, investors are gravitating towards traditional safe-haven assets. 

Gold, revered as a dependable store of value during periods of geopolitical unrest, seems to be benefiting from this sentiment. 

As the conflict between Hamas and Israel continues to unfold and fears of it spreading to other parts of the region mount, there is an increasing demand for assets like Gold to offer protection.

Economic Data Fuelling Gold Gains

Balancing this, the US Dollar (USD) has shown resilience after the recent positive US Nonfarm Payrolls data, which reported a significant addition of 336,000 jobs in September, overshooting market projections. 

This job surge, paired with expectations of the Federal Reserve sustaining higher interest rates, has led to a rebound in US Treasury yields, with the 10-year bond yield nearing its highest since 2007 at 4.80%.

Going forward, the market's focus is set to shift to the upcoming International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting, which will discuss stabilizing international exchange rates and strategies for further development. 

Additionally, the US Core Producer Price Index will be under the spotlight later this week, providing key insights into inflationary trends and the overall health of the US economy.

But how does this look for the leading 1:1 gold token XAUT?

XAUT Price Analysis: Tether Gold Soars Over Gaza Geopolitical Tensions

Amid the gold rally, XAUT is pushing higher into the trading channel, currently trading at a market crypto price of $1858 (representing a 24-hour change of -0.26%, and a +$2.19 premium over gold spot price).

This comes following a strong +2.35% bounce out of the accumulation zone between $1775 and $1825, triggered last Thursday.

XAUT price action is now testing localised resistance from the 20DMA, which has prevented significant upside movements for two-weeks since September 25.

A break-above the 20DMA would prime XAUT for a move up to reclaim $1,900 – a realistic scenario considering the fundamental tailwinds of the situation in Gaza.

As for XAUT's indicators, the RSI is currently remaining at an oversold bullish signal at 43.55 – although it is worth noting the gradual increase on this indicator during the recent move.

And the MACD confirms this bullish sentiment, with significant bullish divergence at 2.019.

Overall, in light of developments in Israel over the weekend, XAUT seems primed to push up – pending a critical break-above the 20DMA.

This leaves XAUT with an upside target at $1,900 (a potential +2.27%).

While downside risk could see XAUT tumble to lower support at $1,850 (a possible -0.42%).

XAUT therefore carries a risk: reward ratio of 5.38 – an immensely bullish entry characterised by a de-risking market shifting towards 'safe haven' assets. 

But while the market is leaning into safer lower return positions, lucrative opportunities are abounding – and one such project surging with interest is an emerging Telegram-based GambleFi project.

TG.Casino's Presale: The Next GambleFi Sensation in Crypto

Amid the surging interest in Telegram trading bots and GambleFi, TG.Casino (TGC) has rapidly caught the market's attention, securing an impressive $670k in its presale in mere days. 

Unlike typical Telegram bot ventures, TG.Casino has uniquely combined the casino thrill with blockchain's decentralized benefits. 

Being a licensed casino that integrates with Telegram and its vast user base, it offers an unparalleled blend of accessibility and potential.

What Makes TG.Casino Different in the GambleFi?

User Experience: With thousands of live casino games, slots, and table games, along with a comprehensive sportsbook, TG.Casino promises a rich user experience. Add a 150% matched deposit bonus and 500 free spins to the mix, and you've got an unbeatable offer.

Security: Users can trust the platform, thanks to encryption that protects data and funds against potential threats.

Token Utility: The $TGC token lies at the heart of the TG.Casino ecosystem. Not only does it power instant transactions, but it also holds various utilities, like being exchanged for gaming credits or other cryptos.

Staking & Rewards: The presale shines with a staggering 3,446% staking APY. Given that over a million tokens were staked on day one of the presale, it's clear that the excitement is real. A buyback mechanism further ensures price stability and consistent rewards.

Participation: To join, head to TG.Casino's official website, set up an ERC-20 compatible crypto wallet, purchase ETH or USDT, and follow the on-site steps to buy $TGC. Once the presale concludes, you can claim your tokens during the Token Generation Event.

Bright Future: With well-thought-out tokenomics and an incredible 3,446% APY, TG.Casino is setting the stage for monumental success in the GambleFi sector.

In conclusion, the TG.Casino presale represents not just an opportunity but an invitation to the future of GambleFi on Telegram.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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