Justin Sun’s guest list gets a new addition, Bakkt to launch user testing for BTC Futures and more

  • 22 July 2019, Monday, 13:10

Crypto News – 22 July – Justin Sun’s guest list gets a new addition, Bakkt to launch user testing for BTC Futures and more

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Tron hits a home run: The Tron community celebrated after it was revealed that its weekly trading volume had surpassed that of Ethereum and EOS

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Brian Armstrong on Facebook’s Libra: According to the CEO of Coinbase, Libra can be the key to crypto-adoption on a global scale

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Ryan Taylor on ‘masternodes:’ Taylor, CEO of the Dash Core Group, in a recent interview has claimed that the implementation of masternodes was one of the biggest innovations of the Dash Network

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South Korea suffers from crypto-crimes: According to data released by the Korean government, crimes associated with cryptocurrencies have caused a financial loss of nearly $2.3 billion in the last two years

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Dan Hedl on Steve Mnuchin’s remarks: According to the Co-founder of Interchange, the Treasury Secretary should not focus on crypto, but should instead focus on the billions of US Dollars used for nefarious activities

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What is presently the best investment?: In what is good news for crypto-enthusiasts across the world, a recent CNBC market analysis has revealed that Bitcoin and Silver are better market investments than Gold

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XRP outperforms BTC, ETH: The XRP community celebrated after it recorded the most transactions in the last 24 hours, while also recording a yearly-high in terms of blockchain transactions

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Massive XRP movement catches the eye: Despite some uncertainty around XRP’s price, over 9 million XRP were moved to Bitstamp from an unknown wallet

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Tim Draper on banks and Bitcoin: According to the billionaire, new tech will always win; despite the fact that banks and financial institutions are ganging up against Bitcoin

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Brad Garlinghouse on Donald Trump’s Bitcoin views: The Ripple CEO made news after he revealed that he agreed with President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin’s views, claiming that new techs may be prone to abuse

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Bitbns to launch in the UAE: CEO of Bitbns, Gaurav Dahake, revealed that the Indian exchange is soon launching in the UAE, adding that Bitcoin is the best shot at holding money

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Coinbase CEO on exchange’s goal: According to Brian Armstrong, the San Francisco-based exchange will focus on expanding the cryptocurrency industry as a whole in the next five years

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Is BitMEX struggling after CFTC investigation?: A day after news broke out that the CFTC was investigating the Arthur Hayes-led exchange, it was revealed that BitMEX’s outflows were dwarfing its inflows by 6 times

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Another crypto-exchange bites the dust: Fairx, a crypto-venture whose objective was to set up a ‘national licensed bank,’ revealed on Twitter that it was shutting down owing to a lack of funding

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Grayscale Investments’ new update: According to the investment firm’s latest update, the firm’s total AUM recorded a brief resurgence and climbed to $2.6 billion after the Facebook-Libra hearings before the Senate and the Congress

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