Max Keiser hints at the coming of a Monero-BTC duopoly in cryptospace

  • 11 July 2019, Thursday, 19:40

Given the plethora of coin offerings with niche differences, it is no secret that the financial ecosystem will be ultimately home to only a handful of names. In this effort, businesses have started rebuilding their ecosystems to ensure their coin maintains its future-ready status amid the rising competitions. Contrary to popular belief, prominent crypto enthusiast Max Keiser displayed his certainty in Monero’s position as a market leader in the not so distant future.

Keiser supported this belief by pointing out BTC’s lack of fungibility, and how Monero can serve that purpose and as a result, be of the top three coins in the ecosystem. He added,

“I don’t know how Bitcoin is gonna tackle this. If it can’t tackle it then out of all the privacy coins, Monero will be a champion in that space and we’ll have a Bitcoin-Monero duopoly.”

He also highlighted the fact that while Bitcoin was always considered as digital gold, Monero will better positioned to handle the fungibility and privacy concerns when BTC crosses $100,000 in value. Although the seasoned fiat and crypto investor glorified Moreno, he stated that no altcoin will be able to completely disrupt BTC’s decade-long position as a market leader.

Heating up the conversation, Keiser also mentioned that crypto leaders such as John McAfee, Roger Ver and Craig Wright have “gone insane.” He supported this statement by saying,

“It’s (The Bitcoin protocol) so pure and so honest, that if you don’t have that in your heart to begin with, it (the protocol) can drive you insane. This is Bitcoin derangement syndrome.”

While talking about the rise and fall of cryptos in the altspace, Keiser firmly believes that the market is going to determine the outcome and the protocol will evolve within the hybrid of economics, psychology, game theory, and technology. Keiser ended the interview stating,

“I don’t claim to have the answer. We’re living in a time that demands radical answers to some of these intractable problems. The story is still being written.”