Metaverse Exchange Pre-Launch Announcement: Innovative Dollar-Cost Averaging Feature

Metaverse Exchange Pre-Launch Announcement: Innovative Dollar-Cost Averaging Feature

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Metaverse Exchange spokesperson, Emily, revealed that the upcoming user-friendly crypto trading platform will introduce an innovative dollar-cost averaging (DCA) feature. The anticipated launch of the revamped and upgraded Metaverse Exchange is expected in early December.

So, what exactly is the innovative DCA feature on Metaverse Exchange? Emily explains that for trading products involving direct purchases of target cryptocurrencies, commonly known as spot trading, it is similar to traditional stock markets. Among crypto investors, there is a growing interest in the long-term value and cyclic returns of cryptocurrencies. Users favor periodic investments through DCA, a functionality already present in many crypto exchanges. Typically, users set specific timeframes for regular investments or make a lump-sum purchase, but they are unable to sell before the maturity date.

In Metaverse Exchange’s DCA feature, users can choose their preferred investment period and timeframe, with an estimated price provided within the selected range. Users can buy at the lowest estimated price within this timeframe, maximizing profits during that period. Metaverse Exchange will provide subsidies for users investing up to 300,000 USDT. If the actual price falls below the estimated price during the planned timeframe, we will compensate for the difference. It’s worth noting that we have allocated a subsidy pool of 30 million USDT for DCA, and we plan to conduct simultaneous public testing of the DCA feature upon launch.

After two years of refinement, transitioning from a physical blockchain tech park to a centralized cryptocurrency trading platform, Metaverse Exchange has invested heavily in product development alongside its strategic shift. Our focus remains on providing an exceptional user experience on centralized exchanges, with smooth accessibility for new users being our top priority. Through extensive testing, we discovered that internet users are more accustomed to using Web2 products due to the simplified login and verification processes. Cumbersome verification procedures and concerns about fund security seem to be closely related within centralized exchanges. However, in the 2.0 Beta version of Metaverse Exchange, biometric and social verification mechanisms have been implemented as part of our user security protection plan. Registration and login can be done using email or other social accounts.

New users who register on Metaverse Exchange can now participate in dollar-cost averaging with just one click, making it an efficient and convenient way for users with limited knowledge to engage in cryptocurrency investments.

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