Microsoft Azure partners with Hubii to power its scaling platform nahmii

  • 10 September 2019, Tuesday, 16:30

Yet again, Microsoft shows interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as it announces partnership with Hubii’s scaling solution nahmii.

The Ethereum-based scaling platform nahmii, which concentrates on making Ethereum ready for “enterprise-level application development” is said to be powered by Microsoft Azure. nahmii will be unveiled in a forthcoming blockchain event titled “Microsoft and Hubii – Blockchain in Practice,” which is said to be co-hosted by Microsoft and Hubii.

The CEO of Hubii and the developer of nahmii, Jacobo Toll-Messia suggested that the partnership was a significant achievement for the company and the upcoming event would be the perfect occasion to showcase the functions of nahmii to Microsoft’s user base. Additionally, the developers of the protocol are preparing to expand nahmii to the Bitcoin blockchain through RSK which is a smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network. He further said,

“Working closely with Microsoft will give nahmii the platform and exposure it needs to become the premier blockchain scaling and interoperability solution.”

The event will take place in Microsoft’s Norway Headquarters in Oslo on 12 September 2019. nahmii which would run on Microsoft’s Azure would enable users of Microsoft to generate software solutions that make blockchain-based systems available to everyone.

Christopher Frenning, Microsoft’s director for Cloud and AI detailed that nahmii inscribes several blockchain-related issues and the integration of nahmii’s solutions into Microsoft Azure would be of great value to the company. He further said,

“The deep product integration with nahmii is the type of technological solution that ensures our sales reps are in the best position to succeed in every interaction.”

The nahmii protocol is said to be compatible with smart contract enabled DLT platforms and the protocol is outlined to render near-zero latency while supporting near-instant transactions with a low transaction fee. Additionally, nahmii would improve gaming applications, trading, internet of things devices and content delivery.