Mox Capital Pours $410 Million into Exploring the Future of Digital Assets – Crypto Funding Making a Comeback?

Mox Capital Pours $410 Million into Exploring the Future of Digital Assets – Crypto Funding Making a Comeback?

Alternative investments think-tank Mox Capital says it’s seeking out ideas to fund and help them “get off the ground quicker.”

Therefore, according to the press release, the group has committed $410 million in order to, as it said, “further explore digital assets.”

The website, too, mentions this figure, stating that “with US$410m of assets under management, mox capital’s investments span across diverse themes,” including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tokens, collectibles, protocols, digital banks, and incubation.

The press release added that the think-tank’s current portfolio features “a diverse mix of blockchain investments” and alternative assets, including contemporary street art.

The group added that,

“Observing and participating in the remarkable growth of unconventional markets like sneakers and NFTs, Mox understands the opportunities that can arise from supporting contrarian views.”

The team, located across Asia-Pacific and the Americas, has seen “significant growth” in its assets over the eight months since its creation – despite the bearish market conditions.

It concluded that,

“Gems can always be found no matter the market. […] Our crew at Mox seeks lightning in a bottle like many…but sparks? Sparks suit us just fine.”

It calls anyone with “bold” ideas – which are “future-forward” and “build upon the future of digital and alternative assets” – to reach out to it.

Mox Capital is a private think-tank focused on alternative investments. It supports companies of all stages with funding and infrastructure.

It additionally leverages grassroots communities for collaborative innovation, it said.

According to Chrunchbase, Mox Capital has raised a total of $410M in a single venture fund, m0x starting capital. This fund was announced on September 13 this year.

‘Revival in Institutional Interest’

The latest Bitfinex report found that call options are emerging as the preferred instrument for investors seeking exposure to bitcoin (BTC)‘s upward potential, stating that the overall options market activity is growing “at an unprecedented pace.”

It noted that options open interest shows signs of a gradual recovery, standing at $1.15 billion for October, and argued that,

“While it’s shy of its all-time high, the trajectory suggests a revival in institutional interest.”

There was an increase of $4.3 billion in open interest for call options in October, which is an 80% surge, showing “a significant shift in risk appetite and investment strategy towards long-term value appreciation.”

Furthermore, in October, the total assets under management (AUM) for digital asset products surged by 6.74% to reach $31.7 billion – the first increase since July, according to crypto data provider CCData’s Digital Asset Management Review.

Average daily aggregate volumes of digital asset investment products jumped 44.3% to $230 million.

The increase reflected the positive sentiment of market participants surrounding exchange-traded fund (ETF) approvals, the report noted.

October is set to register an increase of more than 27% following a green September – the second-highest growth on a monthly basis this year, according to Bitfinex analysts. November is likely to follow suit, they added, citing historical data: there’s a 60% likelihood that November will be green for BTC.

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