Ripple leads the pack after XRPL validators get ranked

  • 11 August 2019, Sunday, 03:30

The XRP community reached yet another developmental goal after XRPLstats, an XRPL statistics monitor, announced on Twitter a ranking for all its validators. The aforementioned ranking is based on certain criteria; namely, Availability, Consistency, Reliability, and Transparency. The rankings in question are using the public API at the moment.

Source: XRPL Stats

The website has listed 136 XRPL validators, including Ripple, XRP’s parent company. Ripple used to run the majority of XRP validators nodes, until the community took the charge to change this. Members of the community have urged exchanges and fellow community members who use XRP ledger to have their own validators, a sentiment which soon resonated with many exchanges like Bitrue, who introduced their own validators.

XRPL Stats collated the data available to them about these validators and compiled it in the form of the aforementioned ranking categories. For example, Bitrue, one of the exchanges that recently announced it was running its own validators, was ranked 78th on the list after analyzing its data for the past 24 days. The exchange scored 61.49 out of 100 for availability and a 100 for transparency. However, its reliability score and consistency score might pose a problem as it was reported to be just 22.

Source: XRPL Stats

Bitso was ranked 3rd on the list, with its availability score being 99.9 and transparency score being 100. It’s reliability noted a score of 99, while it scored 73 for consistency over the past 201 days.

Source: XRPL Stats

As Ripple still runs a majority of the validators, Ripple took the first and second positions, with an almost perfect score in all metrics, except consistency.

However, with the help of XRPL developer Wietse Wind and Tiffany Hayden, the XRP community found a solution to this problem by making validators incentivize out of this. Wind created an XRP charity Fund to support the ecosystem, a fund that can be potentially used to further the mission validators for the community.

As for the XRP token, the price did not register a significant price movement, reporting a 0.88% rise over the hour, at press time, and was valued at $0.3017. The market cap for the coin was $12.88 billion after it slipped by 0.36% over the day and by 5.02% over the week.