These Coins Saw Double and Triple Digit Growth in the Last Week

  • 30 August 2019, Friday, 12:20

In the great ocean of red, four tokens from the top 100 coins by market capitalization stood out with their very green performance over the course of the last seven days, seeing a double- and even a triple-digit rise: ThoreNext (THX), Oasis City (OSC), Egretia (EGT), and HedgeTrade (HEDG).

It’s been a rough week for crypto. Bitcoin fell below USD 10,000 yet again, leaving the analysts to ponder about the cause behind the tumble. And the rest of the top 10 coins are not doing well at the moment either, all dropping between 3.8% (Bitcoin SV) and 17% (Binance Coin). At pixel time (13:20 UTC), out of the top 100 coins, only 13 appreciated in the last seven days.

Out of them, four stood out with their double/triple-digit rise – three from the top 50 by the total market capitalization, and Egretia on the 58th spot.

1. ThoreNext is the absolute winner this week, having appreciated 131%. It ranks 39th by total market capitalization, with USD 166 million.

THX is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain and the utility token for THX Blockchain Network, which is currently used exclusively within the ThoreNext Blockchain project, as their website says. Based out of Germany/Estonia, the project claims to be on a mission to create a strong blockchain and Internet of Things ecosystem, where emerging apps and organizations can launch decentralized tokens. The ThoreNetwork itself encompasses ThoreCoin and Thorecash. The network announced their roadmap for 2019 / 2020 earlier this month.

2. Oasis City took the second spot with its rise of 26%. With USD 118 million, it’s 48th on the list by total market capitalization.

Oasis City is a VR (virtual reality) platform that aims to offer participation in an international blockchain-based ecosystem. The website explains that Oasis City Platform is divided into various hubs, including entertainment, game, education, and shopping. By combining VR and blockchain, it also allows individual developers, startup companies and large companies to create contents and share profit transparently. OSC is the foundational currency of the platform. Initially released as an ERC20 token, a total of 12 billion OSC will be issued. While the public sale of OSC started in Q1 2019, the website presents plans for beta tests of the Oasis Market Place, a dedicated store for NFT (non-fungible tokens) items, and its official launch by the end of this year.

3. Egretia is in the third spot. The coin appreciated by 19%. This coin’s rank by total market capitalization is 56, having nearly USD 104 million.

As they explain, what Egretia does is combine existing HTML5 technologies and product tools and then create a blockchain game development toolset, which developers can use to create blockchain games. Through the blockchain, the flow of virtual assets between games can be established. By partnering with Egret Technology, HTML5 mobile technology and service provider, Egretia aims to build the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform and bring 250,000 developers and 1 billion mobile devices into the world of blockchain.

While Egretia is starting its educational program about the Egretia ecosystem, it has also revealed the presale event of its blockchain game, Football King, “which has reached more than millions of EGT so far, their Twitter post says. It has also partnered with the exchange Hydax, and started an event to celebrate the launch of the exchange and its LG token, whereby the users could deposit their crypto, and then purchase the circulating EGT in the exchange and lock it up. They could get the equal amount of LG as the amount of the locked-up EGT.

4. Hedge Trade the fourth winner for the last seven days (at least at the time of writing) - it advanced by 18%. It’s in the 31st spot by total market capitalization, having USD 265 million.

HedgeTrade aims to become a platform where the world’s best traders share their knowledge. The traders can create blockchain-verified prediction Blueprints on trading pairs from multiple exchanges, and then earn HEDG by offering those predictions on the Blueprint Marketplace – but only if their predictions are correct. Less experienced traders can buy these Blueprints with HEDG. On August 27th, HEDG has been listed on Bittrex International.