Tron offices in Beijing allegedly raided by angry mob

  • 08 July 2019, Monday, 09:00

A massive red flag hovers over the credibility of Tron Foundation as, at press time, reports came in that Tron office in Beijing was allegedly raided by an angry mob. According to released video on Twitter, it can be observed that multiple policemen/security personnel were present in the lobby of the Beijing office.

Police raids at #Tron offices in Beijing? Additionally, there’s many angry people gathered there who are saying things like “Tron is a scam”. $trx #trx @justinsuntron

— Hayden Otto (@haydenotto_) July 8, 2019

— Akshay KS (@akshayks_1995) July 8, 2019

In the video circulating Twitter, the logo of Tron can be seen in the background, while an aggrieved individual (one in a yellow shirt) was seen shouting “Give my money back,” while another individual is seen trying to placate him by responding “Please do not fight”. No officials have responded to the video in question.

Since the video circulated on crypto Twitter, the valuation of Tron took a beating as a dip of 3.39 percent in an hour was observed.

*The first version of the article mentioned that it was raided by “authorities”; which has been corrected.