Tron’s community welcomes Sun Network code V1.0 with open arms

  • 11 August 2019, Sunday, 04:30

Tron Foundation launches its scalability solution called ‘Sun Network’s’ V 1.0 today. Built to expand the capacity of Tron mainnet, Sun Network will also incorporate multiple scaling projects like the DAppChain, smart contract optimized application side-chain and cross-chain communications.

Tron foundation CEO Justin Sun took to Twitter to announce the launch of the Sun Network’s DAppchain Code:

“Among #SUNNetwork, #DAppChain is a side chain scaling project designed to provide unlimited scaling capacity for the TRON MainNet, enabling #DApps to run with lower #Energy consumption, higher security and efficiency on #TRON. #TRX $TRX”

The release marks two important features Sun Network would bring to the table:

Supports Smart contract transactions with a low transaction fee and it also focuses on improving the TPS of the smart contract transactions on its mainnet. Sidechain supports multiple customizable requirements, like, setting side-chain incentives, transaction rates, and transaction confirmation speed.

This initiative might help the foundation to allow unlimited scalability to its mainnet that would, in turn, pave a path of DApps and ecosystem developments. Sun noted that moving forward, the Sun Network will actively contribute to Tron and the community developers could reap benefits from this network. He added:

“In addition, a series of scaling projects such as DAppChain and cross-chain communications will further expand the overall capacity of the TRON network, as well as improving the TPS and smart contract execution efficiency on TRON.”

The community’s response was positive to the launch of Sun Network V 1.0 as the price of TRX shot up by 1.13% within an hour. The token was valued at $0.0204 with a market cap of $1.35 billion.