U.S President Donald Trump on Bitcoin, Japanese crypto-exchange hacked and more

  • 12 July 2019, Friday, 12:40

Crypto News – 12 July – U.S President Donald Trump on Bitcoin, Japanese crypto-exchange hacked and more

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CB Insights on Fintech startups: According to a report by CB Insights, Coinbase, eToro and Circle are among the top 20 Fintech and crypto startups to record significant growth

Read more at https://bit.ly/2XGlngG

Dashpay reports vulnerabilities: Dash Wallet reported an oversight on July 12, wherein an externally loaded script was reported to send users private keys to a server

Read more at https://bit.ly/2xMdG96

Binance completes burn program: Binance recently completed its 8th quarterly BNB token burn program, wherein 808,888 BNB tokens worth $23.8 million were taken out of circulation

Read more at https://bit.ly/2ScjZMu

Stellar Lumens overtakes Cardano: Following a 9% surge over an hour on the back of Bitcoin’s rise, Stellar Lumens overtook Cardano on the cryptocurrency charts

Read more at https://bit.ly/2SacXbn

SegWit-transactions scale new heights: Latest reports show that Bitcoin’s Segwit transactions hit a new high, encompassing 56 percent of all BTC transactions

Read more at https://bit.ly/2SbKeTo

Max Keiser on crypto’s market leaders: According to Max Keiser, Monero can fill the void of Bitcoin’s fungibility and emerge as a market leader in the cryptocurrency market

Read more at https://bit.ly/30u9t6f

Canada introduces new crypto-regulations: Cryptocurrency exchanges will be entailed to register with the Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Center of Canada, in order to restrain money laundering activities in the country

Read more at https://bit.ly/32mVlO3

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