Who deserves this? Ross Ulbricht questions U.S. government’s intent toward privacy and freedom

  • 30 June 2019, Sunday, 16:30

Ross Ulbricht is best known for being one of the rare individuals to serve two life sentences without parole for creating and operating darknet website, Silk Road. Ulbricht shared a hand-written article named ‘Who Deserves This?’ from the other side of his cage, as an urge to the general public to fight for his freedom.

While the primary pretext of Ulbricht’s note was aimed to plead for clemency as the charges were non-violent in nature, the entrepreneur displayed compassion toward his fellow prisoners, saying,

“No one deserves this, even if they have to here for the sake of others’ safety. Pain does not heal pain. A lost soul is not redeemed in a cage.”

While the U.S. government stands strong in Ulbricht’s life imprisonment decision, the Silk Road creator boasts tremendous support from the global tech community leaders. Prominent bitcoin promoter, Roger Ver, also recently highlighted in one of his interviews that Silk Road was one of the first successful platforms to enable large-scale crypto adoption. Ver also verbally awarded Silk Road as “one of the most successful startups ever in the entire history of humankind.”

On the flip-side, cryptocurrency’s initial links to criminal activities can also be linked to Silk Road, which was an exploitation of the platform’s anonymous nature. As a result, the boom and the downfall of the Silk Road market had a direct impact on Bitcoin’s market cap, but unintentionally acted as a gateway to crypto familiarization for the general public.

While Ulbricht’s supporters echo his plea for clemency; the former entrepreneur denies any wrongdoing on his part for creating a platform that promoted anonymity. As a result, numerous industry experts believe that the cryptocurrency ecosystem, given that it shares similar thinking with Silk Road, will continue to witness resistance from government bodies till the foreseeable future.

Source: ambcrypto.com