Wright gives no proof for ‘Satoshi’ claims, Blockchain Association takes charge of ‘Defend Crypto’, and more

  • 29 June 2019, Saturday, 12:30

Crypto News – 29 June – Craig Wright fails to provide proof for ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ claims, Ripple’s MoneyGram partnership talks about new advantages and more

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Crypto News – 29th June

The connection between the two parties is, as they say, written in the stars; and coincidently or strategically, both their crypto-projects are named after Zodiac signs.

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Coinbase research shows Bitcoin and cryptocurrency awareness has increased by leaps and bounds

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Will FB’s Libra introduce the world to crypto or will it be a distraction?

While some deem the Libra project as a tech-focused centralized attempt at payments, others are calling it a breath of fresh air.

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Where is the backlash against Libra emanating from?

Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital talks about the regulatory risks that FB will be up against.

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Ethereum’s lower issuance rate compared to Bitcoin

Despite the price hike, some cryptocurrency users still believe that Bitcoin would fail to live up to its expectations and that other altcoins like Ethereum would take the mantle of the most useful digital asset.

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