XRP addresses’ confusion with destination tags will no longer be a problem, thanks to Wietse Wind

  • 22 July 2019, Monday, 12:10

To quote Stephen Richards, “When we have reached the depths of despair, only then can we look up and see the light of hope.” The XRP community had been facing a real, serious issue over the past few days, before it being addressed by the community itself. The issue was with XRP validators and the possibility of a reduction in the decentralization of the XRP network.

Since then, the community has proactively made efforts to find a way to incentivize validators. Wietse Wind, the famed TipBot creator, has yet again come up with a solution to erase the confusion with XRP addresses, plus the destination tag problem. This is a critical achievement as there have been more than a few instances in the past where the destination tag has caused problems in XRP transactions for many users.

To avoid this problem, Wietse Wind proposed a new “X-address format” which inculcates the destination tag.

The official website states,

“The new ????-address format can replace the use of a separate address and destination tag for XRP deposits. By using the ????-address, it will no longer be possible to forget adding a destination tag or entering the wrong one when sending deposits to exchanges and other platforms accepting XRP deposits.”

The website further added that this address would be supported when sending XRP to a custodian wallet or any payments platform. Further, the new address will start with ‘r’ and combine the destination tag with it.

“By using one address that contains both the destination account and the destination tag, users can no longer make mistakes by making mistakes entering, or omitting the destination tag.”

The new address will look something like this,


Source: ambcrypto.com