XRP community celebrates after Wietse Wind launches XRP Community Fund & Bitrue gets its own XRP validator

  • 19 July 2019, Friday, 10:40

The XRP community celebrated a piece of exciting news shared by XRP tip bot developer, Wietse Wind. Wind solved the community’s funding problem by forming an official foundation in the Netherlands. Wind tweeted,

“I have really exciting news. @Mr_HvD, @Tom_Kuster and I worked on something really cool regarding the XRP Community Fund (@XRP_Fund) ???? » … ???????????????????????????????? … « The XRP Community Fund will soon be a official ????????????????????????????????????????, registered in ???????? The Netherlands ????”

This news comes at a time when the community’s famous proponent, Tiffany Hayden, is trying to find a solution to the validators problem. On July 17, a Twitter user suggested Hayden fund a campaign to start a program to teach disadvantaged kids computer science, coding, IT, and other things, as they run the validators as part of a classroom project.

This plan was appreciated not only by Hayden, but most of the XRP community. The proponent threw this suggestion open to the crypto-community, most of whom upvoted it in consensus. Wietse Wind, the XRPL developer, took this a step further and started an official foundation, with its “official purpose” being,

“Supporting the development of the XRP ecosystem and the use of XRP for payments”

The foundation’s important roles will be taken up by Tom Kuster, Mr. H, and Wind, while bounties will be signed off by a few chosen community members. The foundation will hold accounts in XRP and not in fiat. Thus, the EUR will also be regarded as a foreign currency in the books.

As the community rejoiced in the news, Curis Wang, CEO of Bitrue, also appreciated Wind’s efforts. Wind played his cards well by telling the CEO,

“Now you’re here: have you thought about operating that XRPL validator we talked about ?????”

According to a previous discussion, exchanges use XRPL, but do not operate the validator. However, Wind, Hayden and the community’s efforts have started to pay-off as Bitrue soon announced running its very own XRP validator. Wind thanked them for their contribution, claiming that this will be “an example for all other exchanges!”

Source: ambcrypto.com