XRP community’s Tiffany Hayden might just have found a solution to the existing validators issue

  • 18 July 2019, Thursday, 13:40

After much discord in the XRP community, its new savior, Tiffany Hayden, and the the community has decided upon a plan. Following long threads of conversations and brainstorming on solving the validators problem, a Twitter user, @Sarcasticlegend, said,

“What about a grassroots funding campaign to start up a program to teach disadvantaged kids in public schools computer science/ coding/ IT/ tech repair….and have them run a validator as a project (sort of like the classroom hamster)”

This sounds like something doable for the smooth functioning of the XRP ledger and the community. Another user, @ZIGXRP, chimed in on this idea and tried to improvise it with a Codius Contract that monitors validators against a set of Key Performance Indicators [KPIs]. The user also added that a public-funded Coil pool would be of great help to them for stream-based good validators’ health/standings.

Hayden thought of it as a “fantastic” suggestion and threw it open to the XRP community fund. The community on Twitter supported the XRP enthusiast’s plan and upvoted it. XRP Research Center, a prominent XRP Twitter handle, also offered its support and said,

“Upvoted! If this makes it to next stages, I’m committing my whole @xrptipbot balance and every single tip I receive from now on.”

The community, apart from indulging in the conversation about the “single point of failure,” welcomed the suggestion and offered to carry it forward. The community hopes for the plan to reach the development phase as it has consensus from a lot of members within the community.

Source: ambcrypto.com