XRP/USDC and XRP/USDT margin trading pairs added on Poloniex

  • 08 August 2019, Thursday, 04:50

Poloniex steered the attention of crypto community by announcing new pairs for trading over its platform. The Circle owned exchange launched new USDC and USDT margin trading pairs for customers across the globe. The two major pairs out of the 9 margin trading pairs added were XRP/USDC [USD Coin] and XRP/USDT [Tether], that increased the stable coin’s liquidity in the market. Also, the other pairs listed over the exchange – ETH/USDC, USDT/USDC, BCHABC/USDC, BCHSV/USDC, XMR/USDC, ETH/USDT and STR/USDT.

In order to encourage crypto hobbyists and traders to use the newly announced trading pairs over the exchange, the official announcement also shared that the exchange is going to offer 50% discounts over all the margin trading pairs.

This news was shared over the official twitter handle of Poloniex,

“ICYMI: Nine new $USDC & $USDT margin quote pairs have been added. Enjoy 50% off all margin trading fees through Friday 10pm SGT!”

With the aim to deliver more options to the traders, Poloniex diversified its offering by adding new pairs over its platform. These new margin pairs were added a few days after integration of USDC and Tether for margin trading. As the market is getting more inflow of capital, Poloniex played a masterstroke by adding new trading pairs to get an edge over others. With more than 20 pairs available for margin trading on Poloniex, crypto enthusiasts can get the biggest slice of cake.

Source: ambcrypto.com