Best Crypto to Buy Now November 15 – Celestia, PancakeSwap, THORChain

Best Crypto to Buy Now November 15 – Celestia, PancakeSwap, THORChain

The TIA price hit yet another all-time high earlier today, as Celestia’s native token remains one of the best crypto to buy now.

The recent 200% price increase comes on the heels of Celestia’s mainnet launch earlier this month.

In other market highlights, PancakeSwap’s CAKE token spiked nearly 30% for the past week following a major platform upgrade.

THORChain’s RUNE is also soaring by nearly 80% in the last week, reaching a market cap of over $2 billion.

With the prices and developments around Celestia, PancakeSwap, and THORChain, these tokens remain among the best crypto to buy now according to market analysts.

Fresh Bitcoin alternatives like Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino presales are also drawing attention from investors.

Best Crypto to Buy Now in the News

The price of Celestia’s native TIA token has seen a dramatic 200% increase since the launch of the network’s mainnet earlier this month.

The token was trading around $2 at debut but quickly shot up to an all-time high of $6.54 following the mainnet release.

Despite the price rally, on-chain activity on Celestia has been relatively muted so far.

In the first two days after launch, about 350,000 transactions took place, but the count has only gone up by 160,000 since then.

The network is currently facilitating 0.13 transactions per second, significantly less than competitors like Arbitrum.

The speculative trading volume for TIA has reached a peak of $900 million in 24 hours, surpassing the market capitalization of all TIA tokens currently in circulation.

With 141 million tokens of the 1 billion total supply released so far, TIA remains attractive for investors looking for the best crypto to buy now.

Decentralized exchange PancakeSwap saw its native token, CAKE, jump nearly 30% recently following the release of a new trading feature.

CAKE has gained more than 26% over the week as it currently trades at around $2.661 with a market cap exceeding $623 million.

PancakeSwap also proposed adjustments to rewards for its BNB farms, which over 96% of platform users supported.

While key metrics fell for PancakeSwap v2, the v3 version saw strong performance, especially on the BNB chain.

Meanwhile, THORChain’s RUNE token has also surged nearly 80% over the last seven days, hitting a new multi-month high of $6.140 earlier today with a market cap of over $2 billion.

Since June, RUNE’s price has climbed substantially from around $0.78 to around $6 as of writing.

For investors looking beyond established cryptos, new projects like Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino are emerging crypto presales to watch in 2023.

While still in the early stages, these platforms are introducing unique value propositions to the blockchain space with strong growth potential.

With developments across both top tokens and new presale options, Celestia, PancakeSwap, THORChain, Bitcoin Minetrix, and TG.Casino lead the pack for the best crypto to buy now.

Celestia TIA Price Prediction: Will the Stellar Run Continue?

The TIA price has been on a stellar run of late, making new all-time highs and attracting significant investor interest.

With its recent surge to a new peak of $6.54, the question on every trader’s mind is whether Celestia (TIA) will continue its upward trajectory or begin a potential retracement.

The TIA price is currently perched above its hourly 20 EMA of $6.0708. This is a bullish sign as the EMA is often used as support in an uptrend.

Further supporting this bullish narrative is the fact that the short-term EMA (20) is well above the long-term EMAs (50 and 100), which are at $5.7542 and $5.1753 respectively.

When short-term EMAs are above long-term EMAs, it typically indicates a strong bullish trend.

However, caution is advised. TIA’s RSI currently stands at 51.34. This midpoint reading suggests a balanced market with neither the bulls nor bears having a distinct advantage. Traders should monitor this carefully.

The market cap has increased by 1.65% to $851.3 million, and the 24-hour volume has swelled by 29.40% to $602.3 million.

This increase in trading volume and market cap could suggest a growing interest in TIA, potentially providing the fuel needed for the TIA price to continue its rise.

However, the TIA price is currently facing a critical resistance zone. The current swing high resistance lies between $6.2978 and $6.54. Overcoming this could once again propel TIA to new highs.

On the downside, an immediate support zone lies between $5.7591 and $5.8701, which is also in line with the hourly 50 EMA of $5.7542. This confluence of support should provide a cushion for the TIA price in case of a pullback.

The TIA price is currently in a pivotal position. On the one hand, the bullish trend, supported by the EMA and increasing market cap and volume, suggests the potential for further upside.

On the other hand, the RSI’s neutral position and the looming resistance zone suggest caution.

Traders are advised to keep a close eye on these technical indicators, especially the RSI and the EMA, as they may provide clues as to the TIA price’s next move.

A decisive break above the resistance zone could signal further upside, while a break below the support zone could prompt a deeper retracement.

However, until such a break occurs, traders might do well to trade within the established range, adopting a wait-and-see approach.

PancakeSwap CAKE Price Faces Resistance: Can it Break the Immediate Zone?

The CAKE price is currently experiencing momentum, surging 13.72% higher so far today.

After a period of consolidation over the past nine days, this uptick in trading activity has brought CAKE into a critical technical area.

However, despite this positive price action, CAKE’s RSI has failed to surpass its previous high, hinting at a possible bearish divergence that warrants caution for traders.

In terms of moving averages, the 20-day EMA for CAKE is currently at $1.954, comfortably above the 50-day and 100-day EMAs, which are at $1.608 and $1.515 respectively.

Typically, when shorter-term EMAs are above longer-term EMAs, it is interpreted as a bullish signal. However, traders should keep an eye on the potential bearish divergence signaled by the RSI.

Speaking of the RSI, it stands at 74.25, up from yesterday’s 68.82. This places the CAKE price within the overbought territory (an RSI above 70), suggesting potential profit-taking or selling pressure on the horizon.

Coupled with the fact that the RSI hasn’t broken out from its previous high, this could indicate a bearish divergence, where price makes a new high but the RSI doesn’t, often a sign of weakening momentum.

The MACD histogram is at 0.047, up from yesterday’s 0.031.

An increasing MACD histogram typically suggests bullish momentum. However, traders should watch this in conjunction with the RSI and price action for any signs of divergence.

A corresponding increase in the market cap and volume supports the CAKE price’s rise.

The market cap has risen by 26.70% to $623.4 million, and the 24-hour trading volume is up by a whopping 108.96% to $338.2 million.

This rise in trading volume and market cap could be indicative of growing interest in CAKE and could provide additional fuel for the CAKE price to continue its ascent.

However, the road ahead for the CAKE price isn’t without resistance. The immediate resistance zone lies between $2.507 to $2.611, a level that CAKE is currently attempting to break.

A decisive breakout would pave the way to the next resistance zone between $2.755 to $2.914, confluence with the extended Fib 1.272 level of $2.903.

This area had been retested earlier today when CAKE set a multi-month high of $2.845.

On the flip side, the immediate support level for the CAKE price is the Fib 0.786 level of $2.195.

This is followed by the horizontal support zone of $1.945 to $2.017, which aligns with the Fib 0.618 level of $1.951.

At this junction, the CAKE price finds itself at the intersection of bullish momentum and potential bearish divergence.

Traders should remain cautious, keep an eye on the technical indicators, and wait for a clear signal before taking a position.

A confirmed breakout above the immediate resistance or a fall below the immediate support could set the tone for the CAKE price’s next move.

THORChain RUNE Price Faces Resistance, Bulls Remain in Control

The RUNE price is witnessing a significant upswing in current trading, logging a robust 23.15% gain so far today.

Following a bounce from the Fib 0.5 level at $4.534, THORChain (RUNE) is currently trading at $6.038, battling against multiple resistance levels.

From a technical standpoint, the 20-day EMA for the RUNE price stands at $3.863, well above the 50-day and 100-day EMAs, which are at $2.911 and $2.307 respectively.

This is often seen as a bullish signal, with the shorter-term EMA above the longer-term ones. Despite this, traders should remain cautious in light of the significant price increase today.

RUNE’s RSI has surged to 85.40, up from yesterday’s 79.06. This places the RUNE price in the overbought territory (an RSI above 70).

While this can sometimes indicate a future price correction, it can also signal strong bullish momentum, particularly when seen in conjunction with other positive indicators.

The MACD histogram shows a reading of 0.209, an increase from yesterday’s 0.155.

This suggests bullish momentum is building and could provide further encouragement to traders looking to ride the current uptrend.

The RUNE price is currently grappling with the immediate resistance zone between $5.860 to $6.159.

A clear break above this level could open the doors for further upward movement. However, the price must first solidify its position above this zone to confirm the breakout.

On the downside, the immediate support for the RUNE price can be found at the Fib 0.382 level of $4.853.

Should selling pressure increase, this level could provide crucial support to prevent further downward movement.

In conclusion, the technical indicators for the RUNE price suggest strong bullish momentum.

Despite the elevated RSI, which often signals overbought conditions, the rise in the MACD and the positioning of the EMAs lend weight to the bullish case. Traders should watch the resistance and support levels closely.

A sustained break above the current resistance could provide a further bullish signal, while a fall below the immediate support might suggest a potential price correction.

While major cryptos consolidate after steep climbs, investors seeking bigger risk/reward are targeting new crypto presales.

Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino give a chance to buy before exchange listings and are presales to watch.

Exploring Promising Bitcoin Alternatives Before They Hit Exchanges

Bitcoin used to be the only cryptocurrency that investors cared about, but the growth of the cryptocurrency industry has put other Bitcoin alternatives on their radar.

Crypto speculators are exploring overlooked areas of the market, searching for cryptocurrencies that could surge in value before capturing widespread investor attention.

Early fundraising rounds, known as crypto presales, provide access to new Bitcoin alternatives before exchange listings.

Unlike an initial public offering in stocks, a crypto presale allows investors to purchase tokens early at a discount compared to the eventual listing price.

This allows projects to raise capital while letting investors get on board in the early stages.

Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino are two crypto presale opportunities seeking to gain Bitcoin alternative relevance down the line.

Though risky, investing in crypto presales allows you to buy promising cryptocurrencies before the mainstream market catches on.

The key is identifying quality projects with long-term upside that go beyond the initial hype.

Bitcoin Minetrix: The Best Crypto to Buy Now for Aspiring Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin Minetrix has raised over $4 million in its ongoing token presale.

The influx of funding comes as bitcoin mining continues to consolidate among a few large players like Marathon Digital and Riot Platforms.

Recent data shows over 55% of bitcoin mining is controlled by just two pools, AntPool and Foundry USA.

Though Bitcoin was originally conceived as a decentralized system, the way Bitcoin mining protocols have evolved consolidates power into just a few large players, conflicting with Bitcoin’s original goal of decentralization.

This increasing centralization presents challenges for small-scale and individual miners trying to profitably participate in the network.

Discovering the groundbreaking stake-to-mine idea, reigniting excitement for everyday #Crypto lovers to participate in #Bitcoin mining. ????????

Users of #BitcoinMinetrix only need an Ethereum-compatible wallet such as #MetaMask, making the process simple and accessible.

— Bitcoinminetrix (@bitcoinminetrix) November 14, 2023

Bitcoin Minetrix intends to tackle this through its $BTCMTX token and decentralized cloud mining service.

$BTCMTX holders can stake their tokens to earn mining credits, which are redeemed for Bitcoin cloud mining credits.

This lets retail investors tap into Bitcoin block rewards while contributing to network decentralization.

The total supply of $BTCMTX is fixed at 4 billion tokens, of which 42.5% is allocated to the ongoing presale.

With the token currently priced at $0.0116, investors are rushing to secure tokens before the next presale price increment in less than two days.

Crypto analyst Jacob Crypto Bury predicts the token could experience major growth once trading commences, citing its lower market cap compared to Bitcoin.

While bitcoin is up 120% year-to-date, meme coin $BITCOIN notched a 5,520% gain, demonstrating the potential upside for lower market cap cryptos.

With bitcoin back above $37,000, interest in Bitcoin mining is hitting a fever pitch.

Bitcoin Minetrix offers retail investors an accessible way to capitalize through its decentralized cloud mining service and $BTCMTX token incentives.

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TG.Casino’s $TGC Token Presale: Seize the Best Crypto to Buy Now as it Surpasses $2 Million Target Amidst Crypto Gaming Frenzy

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gamblers alike are rolling the dice on TG.Casino’s $TGC token presale, which has shot past its $2 million fundraising target amid growing excitement for the new Telegram-based crypto gaming platform.

2 MILLION ????

We have raised $2 million in presale so far. A major milestone for TG Casino!

Thank you everyone! LFG!

— TG Casino (@TGCasino_) November 14, 2023

Entering the crypto presale market in late September, TG.Casino seeks to ride the momentum of gamble-fi, a niche of decentralized crypto-gambling platforms built on blockchain technology.

Major competitors like Rollbit posted triple-digit returns this year, sparking a rush as projects try to copy their success.

TG.Casino’s offerings appear well-positioned to benefit from this hype.

The project allows betting with popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH but provides incentives for using its $TGC token.

These include 25% cashback on losses when betting with $TGC, helping users manage risks.

The project also has staking rewards of up to 258.15% APY for $TGC holders, encouraging long-term engagement.

Nearly 80% of the circulating supply is currently staked. $TGC will be listed on major exchanges post-audits later this year.

TG.Casino’s Telegram channel has grown to over 6,000 active users.

Speculation is building about a potential upcoming airdrop for active $TGC players, which could further drive activity.

Analysts are optimistic about $TGC’s outlook, with some forecasting major growth from the current presale price.

Thanks to surging gamble-fi adoption, unique tokenomics, and buzz across social channels, the $TGC presale is attracting many crypto gamblers and investors with its potential as the best crypto to buy now.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital

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